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Hi, this is Karol from Recon Krakow. Today we are going to present a new replica of the MP5 SMG the CES-P A5 S3 with a collapsible stock. This is a well know design but lets see what the Taiwanese manufacturer has prepared for us this time.

The CES-P is newest generation of MP5 replicas with receivers made of stamped steel sheets. The presented A5 S3 and the MS1 S3 model with the FSS stock are the only replicas with a steel structure. Other models in ICS’s offer have cast ZnAl receivers.

The Hop-Up chamber in this generation is made of metal and we will gain access to it by pulling back the charging handle which ii very comfortable. The adjustment itself is very precise. As for the iron sights they are the same as in all MP5 models that is a fixed front sight inside a round ring and a rotating diopter drum rear sight with four settings.

The rear sight can be adjusted horizontally with a screw placed on its right side. The front sight housing also has a ring for attaching a carrying sling and a ZnAl flash hides, that does not have any thread which means a special adapter is required to mount a silencer and this part is sold separately.

The handguard is fitted very well it has no slack which is a rare case in most MP5 replicas. This was achieved by using additional guides on the inside of the handguard. The rear part of the receiver also acts as a mount for the stock which can be set in three positions.

Over the right safety/selector switch there is a lever used to release the main spring. The lever is connected to the anti-reversal latch. The opening is narrow therefore a flat screwdriver will be needed to operate it.

As in other ICS replicas this replica is powered with a two part V2 gearbox with a quick spring replacement system. The newest SSS V2 E-trigger system is used in this replica. It is a Gen. 2 model with programmable firing modes pre-cocking and extended diagnostic features.

It allows to set single fire, full-auto and burst firing modes. It is worth noting that the trigger stroke is much shorter than in replicas with a simple contact switch. Out of the box the replica fires accurately at about 50 m and the rate of fire is very satisfying.

The CES-p SMG looks very promising. It has all the best solutions such as a steel receiver or an electronic trigger. This gives a new outlook how to make a replica from the top shelf. For more information please read our article at WMASG.

com Also, please subscribe to our Youtube channel. Weight: 2600 g Lenght: 500-650 mm Steel receiver For those of you who watched our video to the very end, we have a surprise. You can win an ICS cap, patch an T-shit.

You will find the contest detail in the description of this video. Once again, remember to subscribe to our channel.


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