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AIRSOFT/ RECENZJA: GR16 MOD5 AT HT01 BK od Taiwangun.com

AIRSOFT/ RECENZJA: GR16 MOD5 AT HT01 BK od Taiwangun.com

Hi, this is Karol from Recon Krakow. Today, we have the pleasure to show you a new replica by Arcturus, the 416A5. Arcturus 416A5 is a replica of the HK 416A5 carbine. As you can see, the presented replica has no markings.

The carbines of the AR-15 system modernized by Heckler & Koch, are becoming increasing popular in our community. This is, in no small part, due to the reenactors of Polish special forces units as well as its improved ergonomics.

The presented replica opens the 416 line which, as we have found out, will consist of at least a few different models. When the next ones will appear and how will they differ remains a mystery. The MOS company, owner of the Arcturus brand decided that the first one to be released will be the A5, with a 9-inch handguard and a 10.

5-inch barrel but in two color versions black and tan. We had the opportunity to shoot from both but we got the black one for testing. The muzzle velocity out of the box is 380 fps. The included mid-cap magazine has a variable capacity.

As standard it hold 130 BBs but after moving a switch, its capacity drops down to 30 BBs. Visually, the replica looks perfect. The connection of the upper and lower receiver is stiff and the isn’t even a slightest gap.

The handguard is fitted similarly well. Even the stock is fitted more tightly and carefully then in most replicas we know. The replica is a faithful copy of the real carbine. The stock is an exact replica of the modified, narrow HK model.

The buffer tube crown nut is enlarged. The upper receiver top rain is extended and the charging handle port moved a bit back towards the shooter. The double-sided manipulators are also present. The shape of the handguard mounting screw the type of sights used the trigger guard and other details ever the gas regulator distinctively “clicks” in the right settings.

The lack if markings is the only downside but those who really want them will find a way. In technical terms there are no surprises. It is the same standard as other Arcturus replicas. The gearbox is a characteristic yet modified V2 with a quick spring change system.

A note here – to change the spring its enough to take off the buffer tube. Yout don’t have to take the replica apart. The gears are sintered. The electric circuit is closed with a micro switch. The spring guide and the piston head have ball bearings.

The parts of the pneumatic system are well matched and airtight. The tested replica has a polymer nozzle yet other Arcturus replicas has aluminium nozzles. This one also has an O-ring but also an air stream ejector.

Another difference, compared with other models with the V2 gearbox is an additional lever the allows to release the anti-reversal latch and loosen the spring. Unfortunately, to get to the lever, one has to take off the pistol grip.

The HopUp chamber is a rotary type and the bucking is standard. The inner barrel is made of steel and, according to the manufacturer, is 6.01 mm wide. Unfortunately, as a side effect of the design, there is less space for the battery.

It is placed inside the buffet tube, therefore only rather small capacity batteries will fit. Target shooting tests showed that the replica shoots well without any surprises. The rotary type HopUp chamber give a bit more control over the setting than the traditional ones.

The reviewed replica has a working charging handle and a double-sided bolt catch. Summing up. The new Arcturus replica does not surprise in terms configuration, performance or upgrade potential. But is an excellent example that some Chinese devote increased efforts to quality and care in designing and making replicas.

At the time of making this video we did not know the retail price of Arcturus 416A5 but we expect that licensed VFC/Umarex replica which had not compatiton until recently might have a strong competitor soon with our full approval.

After taking the replica into one’s hand, it feel like a monolith. There is no slack it is very well fitted the manufacturer did a very good job. For more information read our full review at WMASG.com and also, please subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Length: 720-820 mm Weight: 2840 g Functional bolt catch


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