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Hi, this is Karol from Recon Krakow. Today we would like to present you a new replica from the Cyma Platinum line the CM.097B. It is a replica from a completely new series, numbering 7 models. Despite the comments already posted on the Internet this statement is not an oxymoron.

The common feature of all 097 models is the gearbox and the factory increased rate of fire. But more on this in a moment. First lets talk about the looks. At first glance it is evident that Cyma has reached a new level of quality of the manufacturing precision of individual parts.

Fitting of parts and overall assembly its bereaved of any issues. The replica is stable and parts have no slack. A very good example is the connection of the upper and lower receiver. Many earlier Cyma replicas had issues there.

Here parts are fitted perfectly and there isn’t even a slightest gap. Similar can be said about the pistol grip and the KeyMod standard handguard. Only the handguard’s top rail is slightly misaligned with the upper receiver top rail.

But this height difference is really minimal. When is comes to use and functionality, the replica is a typical AR-15 clone. The manipulators are standard and one-sided. The bolt-catch is functional and holds the dummy bolt carrier in the rear position while the HopUp is being adjusted.

But it is worth noting that the dummy bolt return action is very dynamic. A somewhat massive and aggressive receiver seems to be a variation of the Vltor Modular Upper Receiver. Painted using a matte black coating it looks very good.

The sights are folded. The rear sight is adjustable in both planes and the front sight is adjustable only vertically. The six position collapsible stock has a battery compartment. During our test we used a split 11.

1V 1200 mAh LiPo battery. The replica has a new quick spring change system but it requires several tools to be used. The novelty is this design is the placement of the spring guide not in the gearbox but in the rear of the lower receiver.

Using the supplied battery, which has been properly formatted the replica fire for an ROF of 22 bps. When switching to the 11.1V LiPo used in the test the ROF increased to 26 bps. The average muzzle velocity measured during our test was 375 fps.

Those results were achieved by the new gearbox configuration which is a distinguishing feature of the Platinum series. The gearbox has 8 mm ball bearings a reinforced piston with full steel teeth a set of silenced aluminum heads and an electronic module controlling the mictoswitch.

Additionally, the 097 replicas us steel gears with a 13:1 ratio and a high speed motor. As our test has proven, this configuration works. The replica comes with a NiHM 1200 mAh battery a simple charged and a plastic magazine, similar to a PMAG, holding 160 BBs.

Information about the new Platinum series has stirred quite a commotion on the Internet. After our test we can say that this replica has a very good chance of achieving success. To read the full review go to WMASG.

com and please subscribe to our Youtube channel. Length: 730/815 mm Weight: 2700 g Folding sights Functional bolt-catch


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