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Hi, this is Karol from Recon Krakow. Today we have the pleasure of presenting a new CYMA Platinum replica the CM.098A from the AR-10 series. The CYMA 098A thanks to the use of very good quality parts and the long type gearbox is a great base for DMR type rifles.

The CM.098 replicas are the second wave of the new CYMA Platinum line of products. This time these are replicas of the AR-10 rifle system which in the original are chambered for the .308 Winchester round also known as 7.

62×51 mm NATO. In our airsoft reality most such replicas are powered by an extended V2 gearbox commonly known as V2 long type. The same applies to the CM.098 replicas. The first one is a variation of the SR-25 with a fixed stock.

The other two, including the one we tested, are AR-10 replicas with modern M-LOK handguards and collapsible stocks. They differ only in the length of the handguard and the barrel. All three replicas have modern looking receivers with aggressive, pronounced edges enlarged trigger guards and integrated magwells, facilitating the exchange of the magazine.

The safety/selector switch and the carrying sling loops are on both sides of the receiver. The rear loops are places in the receiver end plate. The front ones are inserted into QD sockets integrated into the handguard.

A common feature of the CM.098 replicas is the V2 long type gearbox and the parts used inside it. Most of those parts are identical to the ones used in the, already reviewed, high ROF CM.097 replicas.

The most important are: an electronic circuit controlling a MOSFET and the microswitch which noticeably improves the reaction time to the trigger pull, and reinforced parts of the pneumatic system. Aluminum piston and cylinder head have very good seal.

The extended piston has full metal teeth. The gears are also made of steel and turn inside 8 mm ball bearings. It is worth noting that, contrary to the high ROF model, here the gears are sintered and not cut.

The piston head and the spring guide have bearings. Yet, as the guide is a part of an incentive quick spring change system it is not standard and attached to the lower receiver and not the gearbox frame.

The motor is a high torque type and uses neodymium magnets. Similarly to the aforementioned CM.097 model the improvement in quality of external parts and their assembly is visible at first glance. All parts fit nicely, without any gaps or slack.

The replica functions just like any other AR type replica. The botl-catch is functional and holds the dummy bolt carrier allowing for comfortable HopUp adjustment. Similarly to the CM.097 models also in this model the dummy bolt catch moves forward with considerable force when released.

The folding sights are identical in all Platinum series models. The rear sights is adjustable in both planes and the front sight only vertically. The only exception is the SR-25 replica’s front sight.

A six position collapsible stock has a battery compartment. The 098 series of replicas, thanks to the use of the long type gearbox therefore having an increased piston volume are an excellent base for a DMR rifle.

The stock performance are already very promising. Depending on the barrel length, the muzzle velocity varies from 450 to 480 FPS. The tests show that this configuration simply works. Both versions with the moden M-LOK hanguard come a very good looking, plastic hi-cap magazine holding 450 BBs, resembling somewhat Magpul’s PMAGs.

For more information read our full review at WMASG.com Also, subscribe to our Youtube channel. Weight: 3200 g Working bolt catch.


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