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Hi, this is Karol from Recon Krakow. Today I will show you a pistol. This is the Army Armament R501 in two color versions tan and black. Firstly, thanks to the characteristic stippling with which the pistol grip has been finished it is held very firmly in one’s hand.

The second thing is the fitting of the slide. Most pistol replicas have a slight slack between the slide and the frame. It results in obvious rattling of the slide. The R501 has no slack between the frame and the slide as the slide is fitted perfectly.

During shooting we noticed some other features of the replica. Firstly, it has a very strong blowback. We also noticed the slide’s travel distance. In some replicas the manufacturers, to improve accuracy reduce the slide’s travel distances to absurdly short lengths.

In the R501 the slide moves all the way back which you will be able to see on slomo footage. Under the barrel is a typical Picatinny rail and it serves its purpose. But fiber optic front sight did not.

Whereas in full daylight it worked as intended in low-light conditions its too dim. The shooting range tests results were good. The HopUp adjustment is very precise and keeps its settings. To adjust it the slide must be removed.

Using 0.25 g BBs and Pro Tech gas the maximum range of the BB was about 30 m. The target was shot at 12 m. After adjusting the HopUp 10 consecutive test shots had a maximum spread of 7 cm. The magazines are 100% airtight.

They are also fully compatible with Tokyo Marui, The only drawback is lower muzzle velocity and the amount of BBs that can be fired on one gas fill. This information can be rather useful, but only for TM replica owners as the Army Armament magazines are just 17 EUR.

The manufacturer states that the replica as work using CO2 powered magazines. Yet, we did not have any opportunity to test this. Summing up. Taking into account our experience with many gas-powered replicas of different manufacturers we have to say that the new Army Armament replicas are very good.

Level of replication, manufacturing and materials quality, assembly, workings in our opinion all of this is on a level way above to what we have been dealing with before. Atop of that the price is very attractive.

The normal price of the R501 replica is 83 EUR. The only mystery that remain is its durability. We were unable to test this during a few days of our tests. For more detailed information read our full review at WMASG.

com Also, subscribe to our Youtube channel. Weight: 1020 g Two color versions. Magazine for 28 BBs Accessory rail


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