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Airsoft – Raptor Airsoft PKP “Pecheneg” [ENG sub]


Hello everyone, I’m DingChavez I’ve got many pleasures in life but the first one is tea ow sh*t that’s hot ! the second one is bad-ass BB-guns not bad, not bad at all I like that! welcome to the Lair today I’m going to talk about something heavy, very heavy the PKP machine-gun by Raptor Airsoft before starting I’d like to thank Airsoft Entrepôt for sending this gun to me you can watch their videos on their YouTube channel the replica is sold 649.90€ it is delivered in a huge cardboard box Raptor Airsoft with the claws and all! it’s frightening! of course this box is empty, otherwise I wouldn’t carry it like that this is a gun they received to test it before ordering a batch so I didn’t get the manual and I don’t know if the inside is consistent with the final production but who cares about the box? what’s important is that it arrived undamaged but let’s talk about the replica! here it is, the PKP, or “Pecheneg” what is a PKP? well, it is a modernized Russian PKM issued in the early 2000′ it is a light machine-gun when it is issued to the troops, because it is hand-carried but medium machine-gun if you mount it on a tripod or a vehicle because it is a 7.62X54 MG because it shoots 600 rounds per minute PKP means polemyot kalashnikova pekhatny pecheneg you don’t care do you ? the main changes compared to the PKM are a polymer stock to replace the wooden one the bi-pod is attached to the far end of the barrel there’s no hand-guard the barrel can’t be replaced in combat of course it can be stripped when it needs cleaning on PKMs you can switch barrels quickly when it is too hot here, the barrel is more stable, more accurate and it is heavier, so it can sustain high rate of fires for quite a long time the maker says that it can easily take 600 RPM without being too hot and the spot of the bi-pod allows better stability that’s for the real gun ours only shoots 6mm BBs it is an A&K PKM frame with a steel/polymer PKP kit the stock, the front assembly, the barrel the carry handle, with a polymer layer so it is……oh, there’s BBs in there it is a big gun here are the dimensions it is not really made to shoot standing up with the big ammo box it is not very convenient you can shoot from the hip but once again, not very convenient you can hold it like that it was a bit more comfy to hold the bi-pod on PKMs but keep in mind this is not an assault rifle except if you’ve got big muscles and a real need to spray BBs all over the
place there’s no game between the stock and the body the butt plate is made of steel and it can be unfolded to shoulder the machine-gun inside you can put a cleaning kit useless in game but nice for gun-collectors I’ve got one inside my AKM stock but I don’t clean the barrel with it, it’d damage the bore on top of the stock you can unscrew the front sight adjusting tool the front sight is a bit hard on this one I think it has never been adjusted the grip is a standard AK grip there’s no motor inside but they didn’t chose to mount a grip with the real dimensions well, I don’t think so there’s a dummy charging handle here no spring attached behind the trigger guard there’s a safety lever it locks the trigger the trigger operates an electric switch the rear sight is fixed to the top cover it is marked from 100 to 1500 metres of course we won’t reach such distances the front sight is similar to AKs’, with the adjustable part it looks very sturdy there are covers on the left side they don’t have any purpose we can open the top cover to access the gearbox it is a classic machine-gun gearbox well, similar to M249s, M60s and so on with a quick-change spring guide but you’ll have to remove the gearbox from the body before being able to replace the spring there are only two screws to remove I’ll show you how it’s done in the complete review on my website there’s a metal hop-up unit, the adjusting wheel is quite hard to move if I remember well the inner barrel is about 520mm long but I’ll measure that, also the diameter, said to be 6.04mm because sometimes the real dimensions are different…I must say that on a machine-gun I don’t mind if it sprays a bit 6.08, 6.10, I don’t mind as long as it is smooth and straight behold the wires! you can hide them under the covers the battery goes into the ammo-box and it powers the gearbox and the ammo-box I really like that I’ll talk about the ammo-box later on if you own a PKM you can buy the kit only it looks good and rock-solid the finish is nice too I like the flash-hider the bi-pod is well maintained there are small notches to fix it to the front assembly and a kind of flexible lock quite hard to move I’ll take a screwdriver so I don’t lose a fingernail there’s a spring to spread the legs and then it locks to the front set it up on the field, and support your team! what bothers me is that it is an expensive gun and Raptor chose to disable a few features from the original PKM
for instance, you can originally set the rate of fire thanks to switches installed on the gas block Raptor assessed that it was not reliable enough, so they’ve cut the wires but they’ve let the electronic board inside well, when I buy a 650 or so euro gun, I prefer having all the features, even if they’ll fail one day or another than having the buttons and no features if you remove the features, remove the switches and make a new part !! same story about the ammo-box it can contain 5000 BBs and you can plug a Jack switch, like the ones some flash-lights have or use the 3-position switch to activate continuous feed normally there’s an automatic mode that feeds the gun when you shoot they removed the automatic feed if you want to enable it, you’ll have to modify the ammo-box electronics but of course it’ll void the warranty you’ve got a 5000-round mag, and you have to operate it manually that’s too bad but I’m not an engineer and I don’t know if the original system is reliable or not don’t hesitate to tell me if you had problems using A&K ammo-boxes tell me if it is a good idea do deactivate those features anyway, when the ammo-box is mounted to the gun, it doesn’t move a bit it is rigid hear that? this is THE main problem here say “adios” to being stealth on the field what I’ve done on my RPK drum I laid tissues inside so there’s no more rattling you can only hear BB against BB noise the ammo-box is fixed to the gun by a sturdy latch the installation is very easy start inserting the left side push it locks let’s have a closer look there’s a short sling here, same material that AK slings the lock is on the side rotate it and open the lid pour BBs inside insert the battery here mind the wires don’t do as I did chrono your gun before going in game I have two similar batteries, one is 7.4V and the other one is 11.1V I accidentally took the 11.1V and I broke the piston before the game I thought I was using a 7.4 battery until I went back home…The problem here is that this series shoots below 300 FPS so using 11.1V batteries won’t be a good idea take it easy right out of the box control the FPS and then adapt the battery to your gun but the RoF is quite enough even with a 7.4 battery I don’t have a Jack switch to show you the feature, but it can be the most convenient solution to feed the gun instead of having to move the main switch all the time I really like the fact that the ammo-box is powered by the battery
there’s no AA battery management, no need to replace extra batteries it looks sturdy I wonder if they use real ammo-boxes that they modify I hope the gears are not fragile I’ll plug everything like that the wires are not good-looking, try and hide them but there’s no fake-ammo belt with this machine-gun it would have been great and now it is really difficult to get neutralized ammo with all this terrorist sh*t I don’t know if 7.62X54 dummies are available somewhere it would look nice let’s hear how it sounds now that I’ve repaired the gearbox with ATM part sent by Airsoft Entrepôt not very convenient because of the ammo-box the RoF is not crazy it is not a high-end motor in there this is a Classic Army gearbox even with a 7.4V, it feels like there’s a slight inertia I think it is possible to upgrade that for 650€, Raptor could have chosen better components when you buy this kind of gun you want to give some on the field! this is a fire support replica so we shoot long bursts there’s no semi! this kind of MG makes sense if you play accordingly not necessarily milsim games but games when everyone is limited to semi but machine-gun and games that not limit you to 3-round bursts you want to support your team, this is a real role and carrying a 8.5kilo replica to shoot 3-round bursts doesn’t make sense except the price/features ratio I’m quite pleased with this PKP it fits perfectly modern Russian impressions the externals look indestructible don’t be a brute with the gearbox here thanks again to Airsoft Entrepot for sending this Pecheneg to me if you’ve bought this replica, is you had a PKM before if you’ve bought the kit tell me about it! have you had issues, failures and so on ? are you happy with the PKP ? like the video or thumb down if you prefer subscribe if you haven’t done it don’t miss any news by following the Lair on Facebook I’ll plug everything and shoot some targets to see if it is efficient! have a good game play seriously without taking yourself too seriously see you soon in the Lair xoxo


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