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Airsoft Quarentena – US Army Ranger 2007-2014 loadout [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

Airsoft Quarentena – US Army Ranger 2007-2014 loadout [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

Yeah, the world wet into quarantine and everything stopped. Including the airsoft games So I took the chance to make a few videos to show the sets and kits I use to play. Well, I take the time to set myself up and I don’t even show up in my own videos! We take a few pictures before all the action but it is not like.

.. … being filmed to show my equipment which I so meticulous took care to make. By the way, everybody knows that appearance is the most important thing in a game of airsoft! Today I’ll start with one of the kits that I like the most.

Due the appearance, equipment, colors, camouflage, … And also due the history of the unity I’m try to recreate. I’m talking about the US Army 75th Regiment, also known as US Rangers. Around the time between 2005 ~ 2014 I’m not going to get into details about the Ranger’s history nor their specific history in the US Army forces.

but they acted in a lot of missions Either as the main force in the mission or as a supporting unity for other special forces. Some may already be saying “Wait a minute!” “I’ve already seen the combination of uniforms and equipment somewhere!” Probably who is watch already played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Part of the singleplayer campaign you follow the same group of soldiers. However the equipment the soldiers use in game are not the same as the real ones. There are a lot of adaptations and set combinations, which doesn’t exist.

But it was enought to popularize the appearance of this unity. But now I’ll show how my Airsoft equipment looks like. There you have a general frontal view of all the equipment I use to play as US Ranger of that specific time period.

And now you have the details of all the equipment how it looks on the sides and behind. I have a common Baofeng radio with an extended antena I live on my back, … But I’m thinking about moving it to the front for an easier access.

The Airsoft I use is a M4 Carbine model produced by VFC. The accessories I use on it are: Front grip, holographic sight Eotech 552 and an AN PEQ-15, which emits laser and a common flashlight. A detail that I like a lot about the VFC brand is that they are allowed to manufacture airsoft with the offical Colt’s logo.

If you go back to the images in the beginning of this video with the real soldiers You’ll notice they were wearing gray clothes. These are called PCU. They are the 5th level of 7 pieces of clothing. They are water proof and help to protect from the wind.

I have only the jacket. Damn, at this moment in the filming, I noticied that I forgot to put the american flag on the patch. I thing I like a lot in the American sets is this bag, which you can use to drop your mags.

Or store other things you think necessary during a game. A good thing is that you can just drop your mag into it and don’t waste time putting it back in your vest. You can simply drop it in this bag behind your equipment.

I didn’t see many US Rangers pictures with this drop mag pouch, but I like to have one in my kit. The vest I’m using is called MBAV in the collor Ranger Green made by Flyye. Besides the upper bag for documents, you have for pouches for mags in the lower portion.

Each pouch can carry 2 M4 mags or loaders. Besides, there is one more pouch on the side a little far back for multi purposes. I think it is to carry smoke grenades, because it is a little too open on the sides to carry more mags.

There is also this little extra pouch which didn’t come with the vest but I put it there anyway. So you can store a scisor to cut open fabric for eventual medical procedures It also carries a fake torniquet.

It is not to be used in real life, but I like to keep for volume. At last one more multi purpose bag that came with the vest. It has a lot of space. I put these two plastic pouches to show how much you can store.

On the back we have backpack model MBSS made by PANTAC With space to carry a camelbak water bag. Besides a small pouch for radio on the side. On the MBSS there is a small bag on the lower portion, which you can have access to transport many things.

It is a little hard to reach back there because the backpack is strapped to the vest, … But with a little bit of practice you can reach there and keep many things. I used this fake grenade box to demonstrate.

And you can close it too. About the part of the backpack with bigger space… Where it is stored the camelbak water bag It has the zipper located to high to reach and open it with your own arms. But there is nothing stopping you from kneeling down and ask a friend to get something for you back there.

Gloves are those generics you can buy from Aliexpress, color green. I think they copy the Okleay gloves. I’m not sure, though. I have them for many years and still work great. The helmet is a Mich 2000 model with many extra details.

There is a cat-eye band, there are bunny ears on the back, there are many velcros for patches. Besides a night vision mount color black For radio communication I have a ZTAC headset model Z041 which is connected to a Push-To-Talk attached to the vest.

I cut rubber pads in the shape of ballistic plates and put them inside the MBAV vest. That way the vest is hard and steady instead of being shaggy and loose. The problem is, all this makes the vest a bit heavy and very hot to use.

These shoulder pads don’t come with the vest, but I saw a lot of pictures of soldiers using them. So I also bought a pair to put in it. A generic green belt just to hold the drop mag pouch. At last, the uniform is ACU in the camouflage UCP Which started to be used around 2003 ~ 2004 It was used by the rangers until 2014, when they moved over to Multicam By the way, I want to make a video using multicam too! So that’s all for today.

A bit different video until the fields are open and we can have games again. I hope you liked and give the video a LIKE!


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