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Airsoft QC – Picton PRZ ✔

Airsoft QC – Picton PRZ ✔

Grenade! Get out! Get out! Get out! Jee, you want to push? Push And just to help You love yourself? Since i love myself At least 6 guys over there I got two One guy called himself HIT but not the other one.

Nice job dude! Going in Grenade! HIT! Disgusting! Paul! Come on my six. Simon! Where? Inside the green building Tangos there Paul! Paul! Paul! Paul! On me, Jee Dan is HIT! Ennemies here, protect us! OK he’s out I’ll join Bob Friendly Bob.

We will clear out the green building Yes sir. Watch out! Watch out! He’s out It’s ok now there’s one down Is there another one? Body search Do you want me to search or you tell me If you have any intel i could get from you? I am not aware i guess it means i dont Yes, indeed.

Thank you OK. I’ll take the right and you take the left. OK? Could be on this one or the other Uh, Truck Get the fuck inside! Go! Wait let’s go save Bob I just wanted wait for the line up to reduce Oh yeah thanks! I don’t want to disapoint you but i think you’re firing blank ammunition HIT!


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