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Airsoft: Pro-Arms Plate Carrier Back Bag

Airsoft: Pro-Arms Plate Carrier Back Bag

hey guys Matt here through her view of the pearl arms back panel for me bike great pouch áfirstá for $40 it was has started specifications I believe it’s 15 inches in length it takes up six rows of Molly and six columns of Molly so it’s you know takes up the whole plate bag of it’s just 694 pretty profile with the vest as we’ve seen to stay up too much no so let’s look that bad but it is pretty info file with the best okay as for the pouch there’s six six rows of Molly and then three columns of Molly on the front which shown here I had the double nine pouch and double chem-lights totally my down the reason here and for the pouch on the bottom that’s basically a big GP pouch it has a mesh pocket in here but I choose to put effects cuff in here then they put your bangers in here maybe a couple of water balls in here maybe even a bag of bees it’s pretty big yeah great pouch to store anything you want in there and has buckler space for a flat patch it’s pretty cool I put I are flying on it yeah the next area this is the second biggest pouch I choose to carry my anyone passing here just to make the pilots look a little bit more fluffy and not too compressed in yeah like I said you could put in here if you should put your hydration here we wanted to but that’s for this patch back here but in here you could do the carry you may be even more balls of water if you want to bag of BBS maybe even some bolt cutters here if you wanted to maybe two MREs so it’s pretty big in that pouch yeah big enough to obviously carry pants em anyone pants good pouch two zippers on it she passed me security very good and then the biggest pass back here which is the dedicated hydration area which has cords to secure a vacation bladder in this pouch you can actually put bolt cutters in here just like the zipper pouch but like I said hydration pretty big bracket basically a thing is the zipper pouch but yeah I mean a Velcro closure just close it up when you’re done very good quality this is made of Cordura I believe this is 500 II don’t quote me on that but it feels like it but yeah very good pouch profile with the vest there’s everything you need looks great I believe this looks better than the mat pack leader or not carry two more things in that pack it’s a great pouch I was toasting some side shots now you know I could show you how bars kicks out nothing too big but like I said profile looks great great just what you need on the side now it’s great all right and they have this pouch in multiple colors so Dean you backed up evite calm yeah really satisfied with it this is probably one of the best back panels I guess you ever had like I said it’s better way better than that back yeah looks great all right guys has been the view of the problem is by panel me bike and see you next time


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