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Airsoft Player falls off Cliff

Airsoft Player falls off Cliff

What’s up guys, today’s gameplay will show you that the most dangerous threat in airsoft Is usually not the guns but, the field itself but more about that later on For now the game mode is defending, the bunker in front is an obvious hiding spot however It is very dark on its inside, which makes it impossible for enemies to spot any silhouettes The high ground in combination with my M 160 SSG 24 And the 0.

46 gram BB’S makes it really easy for me to take down enemies before they even get in range of their AEGs While I’m keeping the enemy’s heads down with my precision shots a small team sneaks along the right side of the fields and towards the game areas cliffs That’s the perspective of that team There is an enemy sniper on top of the cliffs in front equipped with a DMR.

They will try to take that guy down did you guys catch what just happened, let’s rewind that and watch it again in slow motion That guy missed a step and fell off the 6 meters high cliffs Freeze freeze real life freeze The team reacts immediately by shouting freeze which means that the game needs to stop FREEZE That guy just fell all the way down from here down to there But he survived and he can walk again by now After the situation was under control again the game continued which was kind of a weird feeling since that guy just almost died But I guess the show must go on and from here I’m just gonna leave you with the rest of this gameplay guys enjoy the SSG 24 headshots


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