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Airsoft – Parlons élitisme, budget et mentalité de jeu… [French]

Airsoft – Parlons élitisme, budget et mentalité de jeu… [French]

There are many reasons people take to airsoft and many social categories are represented in fact, we can say that airsoft is a complete microcosm of society bringing together people of all ages and with different life paths this is one of the reasons that make me love airsoft so much it brings together people who certainly would not have had the opportunity to meet in everyday life you could have passed a guy in the street without even realizing how interesting he is but you see him painfully dragging a 249 or sporting a customized SCAR H and invariably it triggers a dialogue but above all, airsoft is all about fun it’s nice to shoot people and get shot yes, it hurts a little bit, but it’s exciting and gets the adrenaline flowing if it wasn’t, no one would practice “normal” people probably don’t understand but again the general public sees a replica and thinks “fire stick pan pan = maaaal” while the majority of airsofters will identify the make, model and caliber of the replica or, it might just be me .

.. well, i always thought i was out for fun and laugh if that means throwing rotten jokes on the pitch or generally take pleasure in what we pay my head, so be it we can’t take ourselves too seriously no matter how much you spend on equipment in the end we all play the same game with fake guns I will refrain from calling them “toys” but we shoot small plastic balls this is not real life it’s a desire to flee reality we don’t come home in a plastic bag if the medic can’t reach us before our blood is drained we return to the respawn and we go back into the game that said, some people like to play realistically whether using real-cap chargers or real ballistic protection there is room for this type of airsoft in the same way that there is room for an ammobox of 3000 balls on an M4! and no one can look at the other and frown it’s an individual escape and if that person wants to have 5 hi-cap chargers on them, they can do it however, military simulation, or milsim, can make the game a bit more serious failing to call it otherwise real-cap or mid-cap magazines are usually recommended and in some cases there are ball limitations but it still boils down to the same concept: if you are hit you signal it quickly and clearly and then raise your hand it is not because you have spent thousands of Euros on NVG GEN3 with the RS helmet to put it on that you are immune to shots it also means that it is not because you have “all the gear” that you have an idea of u200bu200bwhat you are doing it means you have more money to spend we all spend the amount of money we can put in our material some prefer to spend on their replica others buy NVG or plate holders some can even afford to put money in both but that doesn’t make them better players the way you play determines your worth not the price of your equipment .

.. elitism has no place in airsoft, but unfortunately it still exists CRY PRECISION pants are designed for the needs of special operations soldiers wearing a pair doesn’t make you a first circle operator that makes you an airsofter who has money to spend in pants okay, anyone listening to me would definitely want one if they could afford it but the majority of us will have to settle for a brand like Viper or Combat these pants will do well for what we ask them I don’t have to go spend 9 days on top of a mountain spying on a jihadist training camp i just need to run in the forest one day sometimes you have to take a step back in airsoft wearing this GUCCI tactical gear maybe makes you feel like a SEAL or a DELTA teammate but you are not! you play soldier with your friends! friendships are formed and experience is acquired memories are forged and stories can be told at the bar when you come home from a game Nevertheless, remember this: you will always come home the bar is just a step away from where the tales emerge you still have to go back to work to pay the bills yes, wanting to run away from reality is a good thing but remember you are not the only one to escape as soon as you look at someone high because of the material they have and that you take yourself too seriously you escaped to the wrong place .



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