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Airsoft – NPO – AK-12/200 vs AK12/400 [ENG sub]

Airsoft – NPO – AK-12/200 vs AK12/400 [ENG sub]

Hi everyone, welcome to the Lair Today I’d like to talk about the RATNIK project the Russian word for “warrior” sorry about my poor Russian skills the project started in the early 2010s’ as almost every other armed forces, it is about modernizing and improving soldiers’ gear and weaponry the first step was to equip Russian special forces with new communication systems, localization systems and a set of body armor covering almost 90% of a soldier’s body as it is fastest than what we do in France in 2014 many soldiers were already equipped testing had been made and the gear was cleared in parallel, IZMASH manufacture started designing a new assault rifle to replace the good old AK-74 it was called the AK-12 here you can see the first prototype with ambidextrous fire controls, 3-round burst, a safety lever a stock with an adjustable cheek pad and the possibility of changing the gun’s calibre from 5.

45X39 to 7.62X39, and even NATO 5.56 and 7.62 calibres they only needed to swap the barrel this prototype was rejected IZMASH was embedded in a conglomerate and renamed into Kalashnikov Concern they designed a new prototype the AK12/200 the stock could be adjusted in length no more cheek pad and back to a 4-position fire selector including the safety they kept the ability to mount GP25 and GP30 grenade launchers and Picatinny rails to install optics and accessories (now that’s 6 kilos !) but this might have been a bit too modern so they designed another prototype, the AK-12/400 everyone thought that the AK-12 project was buried and surprisingly, in late January 2018 it was announced that the AK-12 (5.

45mm) and AK-15(7.62mm) would progressively replace the AK-74 Re-enactors’ reaction the AK12/400 is closer from the AK-74 design even if the internals are different the fire selector is almost identical but there’s a 2-round burst there are also short versions, AK-12K and AK-15k for special operations today I’m going to show you the replicas issued by Russian company NPO AEG the AK12/200 and the one which has been selected, the AK12/400 let’s go I feel better in this cammo! I dig SURPAT so this is the AK12/200 by NPO AEG I don’t own the original box because I’ve bought it as a used gun I paid 750Ç, which was quite a good price at the time NPO AEG is a Russian BB-gun maker it is not a big company so they don’t produce at an industrial level most guns are hand-made small series they released this AK-12 last year, before the announcement that the other model would be adopted by Russia’s armed forces I don’t have the original box but I’ve got the documents a nice and complete users’ manual, in Russian and that’s my problem : I don’t speak Russian! there’s also a certificate of authenticity here the 49th AK-12 replica of 2017 and another certificate I had 3 magazines with this gun, it is delivered with one only these are real AK74 shells from IZMASH factory and they installed an airsoft mid-cap mechanism inside I’ve read multiple things about BB capacity, 100BBs, 200BBs according to Redwolf I’m talking about Redwolf you’ll understand why later on but I’ll stick with 120 because that’s what NPO states and then the rifle, it is a change yes this is not a classic AK-74 platform this is a new design with new internals inside the real gun here we stick with a V3 gearbox NPO has used the same gearboxes since 2015 with a QC spring system, a trigger micro-switch and quite nice components a 6.

02mm precision barrel right out of the box this is heavy this is mostly steel here are the dimensions of this AK-12/200 a very long gun, because yes, finally, one can adjust the stock’s length ! as usual NPO used this thick black glossy paint it is said to be as close as possible to the real AK paint well, it might even be “THE” paint real AKs are phosphated and painted of course the receiver is inspired by other AKs but there are still many differences the charging handle is slightly upward pull it to reach the hop-up adjusting system NPO made things well, you can change the charging handle side just as on the real rifle the serial number is engraved here and the name and calibre of the gun have been stamped but the “K” in “AK” is missing, maybe because of legal reasons.

.. I’m sure you’ve noticed the ambidextrous fire selector there are 4 positions safe-auto-3-round burst and semi but they do not match the selector the selector is quite hard to switch the burst position doesn’t work and we’ll see that semi and auto are quite sketchy there’s a locking system for the stock on each side of the receiver because we can install the stock to fold to the right or to the left speaking of the stock it seems to be made of 3D-printed plastic which may have been sandblasted or smoothed with acetone the unlocking button here a QD sling spot on each side and a latch allows the adjustment of the stock length there are 4 positions there’s a sling ring here the piston grip is really comfortable that’s one more 3D-printed part I like it and look at the mag release! it is ambidextrous and falls right under the trigger finger! and a forward part puts tension on the mag very cool to eject the magazine I can do the same with my left hand the hand-guard is also 3D-printed it is very nice and there’s a metal sheet inside a bit worthless for airsoft but on the real gun is dissipates heat the overall finish is a bit rough some of you may not like it they added a steel Picatinny rail there’s another sling ring here the gas tube the grenade launcher lug, the bayonet lug and a long flash-hider don’t scratch the paint of your car (I did it.

..) I really like this design and my GP-25 Dboys fits perfectly as you could see during the intro there’s a long Picatinny rail on top of the rifle the rear sight is consistent with the real one it may be a real one.

.. and the front sight can be adjusted in height provided the paint doesn’t block it! so far I haven’t tried to adjust it aiming is easy, AK-style! but what’s nice is that you needn’t a Russian special optic that fits on the side use Picatinny-compatible optics! there’s no side rail by the way you may hear the gun crackling since the beginning of the video that’s because I haven’t locked the hand-guard by the way, there’s also a sling ring here this part slides to remove the hand-guard and install the battery here’s the T-Dean plug everything is welded, it looks solid there’s no game this is what I like about NPO guns this is not perfect because it is hand-made, small series but it is the idea I have of Russian weapons : sturdy and reliable this particular gun seems to have been assembled with more care than the VSS I reviewed a few months ago let’s put a 11.

1V LiPo depending on your battery you may have to manage the wires this way is better then push the part back to its spot and lock the hand-guard by tightening this screw now nothing moves no noise any more I really like this AK-12/200 I think I’m on safe when I switch to full I’ve got semi if I switch to burst nothing happens and if I switch to semi I’ve got full auto it is a bit weird, but if you install a Titan MOSFET in there, you’ll be able to set the selector as it is supposed to work reactivity is consistent with a classic gearbox out of the box the velocity is around 395/405 FPS the first time I went to a game with it, it was chronoed at 370FPS, perfect I went to another game, same result then back to my team, the chronograph showed 406 FPS I hadn’t changed anything and I went back again to another game, 406FPS weird.

.. but that’s not an issue because this gun has a quick change spring guide you don’t even have to strip the gearbox from the receiver fold the stock oh my, there’s no space to remove the spring guide! now remove this screw and the stock to access the spring guide after replacing the spring,reassemble the stock you’re ready to go! take a few extra springs with you just in case you have to play in CQB or in the woods etc.

I can tell you that the range and precision are very nice I really liked using it in game I really like the look of this rifle you might tell me “the finish is gross” but that’s part of the charm of those guns I’m not shocked by such things on this type of guns and you can turn the AK-12 into an AK-15 just by using 7.

62mm mags ! this AK is compatible with most after-market mags we’ll see that it’s not he case with the AK/400 what a transition! let’s have a look at the AK400 This AK12/400 prototype was the one chosen by Russian MoD and the rifle will be issued to special forces, and then to regular troops, who should keep the AK-74 during the 2020s there will be AK-12s and AK-15s I’ve got the box because this is a gun I’ve bought at Redwolf Airsoft why did I choose Redwolf over a”European” shop? Well, they had the gun in stock, it was 840$, so around 715€ without shipping and tax but it is simple and clear, you use paypal in protected mode so if there’s a problem, you get a refund this is not some half/half Russian paypal shady thing even if I know that Bullet39 is a legit shop and they are really nice and reactive people I didn’t feel like sending half of the money in “let’s see if the parcel comes home” mode it is okay to propose a service for European customers, but it has to be something with a real stock located in Europe, not some weird operation.

.. back to the cardboard box no pictures, no drawings simply NPO AEG logo, with the serial number of the rifle 18039 39th AK-12/400 of 2018 batch as I said before, they don’t make huge series inside there’s a certificate of authenticity another certificate and a simple sheet about how to disassemble the gun far from the nice manual of he AK-12/200 and Redwolf added the mandatory regulations for France along with a sticker on the box, so you won’t have any trouble with Customs everything is embedded in nice and compact foam it’s been cut by hand, but nothing moved each gun comes with a test label you can see the velocity and the serial number 120 m/s, that’s over 400 FPS a 120BB-magazine a nice plum IZMASH mag Redwolf sells extra mags 45$, that’s not cheap but if you already own AK magazines, some might be compatible with this AK-12 we’ll test that and here it is, the AK-12/400 wow, it’s heavy! there’s steel! this is a bit more classic is looks like an AK-74 I think that the Russian government didn’t want a brand new architecture maybe they thought “soldiers are a bit stupid, let’s not change everything!” and I’ve read that the AK-12/400 was more reliable and more accurate than the previous prototypes but it is true that some people regret this lack of originality NPO used a CTR-like stock here with a 3D-printed end plate but it still doesn’t look like the original design I hope we’ll get that one day the stock slides on a 6-position tube apparently the real AK-2 only has 5 positions to me it’s no big deal the stock tube is aligned with the barrel no lower, no higher on the real gun it is nice to absorb recoil here, it is nice to aim quickly we can fold the stock to the left and a mechanism locks the stock folded that’s nice to unfold the stock, push this small part there’s no game well, I’m lying to you guys !! there’s a teeny tiny wobble you won’t feel it once the rifle is shouldered here are the dimensions of this AK the body looks a bit like LCT the fire selector positions are a bit misplaced maybe they’ve used LCT parts, maybe not (in fact it seems to be G&G, read the review on my site) and there’s no 2-round burst notch only safe, auto and semi but the fire selector looks like the real deal it is operable with the trigger finger or your thumb you needn’t use the front plate to switch mode the serial number is engraved on the fake bolt carrier behind it there’s the hop-up adjusting bar the pistol grip is a bit different from the AK-12/200 one but the overall design is similar no markings on the receiver but we can see some brushed spots there might be a way of avoiding these marks on a 800$+ gun.

.. the finish could be even better than that the mag release is a good old AK part no more ambidextrous and clever mechanism the hand-guard is a new model this one is 3D-printed no more metal rail it has been smoothed, maybe with acetone there’s also an upper rail here and holes to install additional rails which are not sold with the gun here’s the gas tube a sling ring at the bottom the grenade launcher lug, the bayonet lug I couldn’t mount my GP-25 something blocked the process but the bayonet fits the flash-hider is also different from other AKs on the real gun it is a quick-detach flash hider on the replica, it is screwed but it is a bit difficult here because of the thick paint I’ll try and strip it for the full review there’s another rail on the top cover and a rear sight the setting goes up to 800 metres, just as the real gun and there’s a small peep sight it can’t be adjusted laterally the front sight here adjustable in height if you overcome the paint! there’s no cleaning rod the kit is supposed to be inside the pistol grip I really like this black paint and the raw finish of the gun it is said to be consistent with real AK finish this small latch allows the removal of the top cover handy, because the battery goes there! there’s a small screw, turn the latch upward and then pull it now you can remove the top cover and discover that it is not a T-Dean plug! why would they do that? I don’t know I don’t know they’ve changed this but also the gearbox and the motor there’s no more QC spring guide no more trigger micro-switch this is a G&G gearbox and an IFRIT G&G motor very good motor, but why change? is that because they work with spare parts they can get? did they run out of the gearbox they’ve used since 2015? or is that a new standard? Did they come across a crate of G&G gearboxes? I don’t know same thing with the inner barrel no more 6.

02 NPO-engraved barrel now it is a plain brass barrel I’ll check its diameter and all here we can see the top cover locking system it maintains the cover closed and then you lock it with the latch you can now remove the upper part of the hand-guard so we can see the welding job and air bubbles in the plastic let’s not forget the battery there’ space for stick batteries, but watch the wires when closing the top cover I use Energy Airsoft batteries, they’ve got long cables it needs a bit of management the latch must be upward push and rotate now I should have juice! the IFRIT motor performs well with 11.

1V batteries this is a very nice gun well, as many players, I’m a bit more into the AK-12/200 design it looks more original but this AK/400 is almost a perfect replica of the real gun it lacks the stock the 2-round burst notch and maybe a few details I’ve missed because I don’t own a real AK/400 but it is quite consistent with the pictures and we can still use 7.

62 mags to turn it into an AK-15 this is airsoft, we do whatever we want but be careful this G&G body doesn’t allow the use of all and every after-market AK mag the AK/200 doesn’t suffer this drawback we may have to modify the magazine well I’m done with these two NPO AEG AKs do we need to spend 700/800/900€ for those? I do because I’m a passionate player because I’m interested in AKs and I really like that NPO issue such guns on the market it doesn’t excuse some drawbacks but I’m really encouraging them to keep on the good work only people doing nothing won’t risk making mistakes.

.. I’m just saying… I wanted to show something I’m very excited about the RPK-16, I hope we’ll get a replica one day! don’t hesitate to comment this video tell me what you think about these BB-rifles tell me what you think about NPO AEG if you’ve bought an AK-12 have you had problems with it? did you get the G&G gearbox inside your AK/400? there are not many on the field tell me everything you can follow all the news of the Lair on Facebook full reviews and shooting tests at www.

lantredudingo.com there’s a translation tool I’m going to shoot a fly-by and I’ll see you soon in the Lair xoxo


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