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Airsoft Noob Almost Loses an Eye!

Airsoft Noob Almost Loses an Eye!

oh fuck I saved by gun hit eh right in the face should have called the gun hit Hello everybody welcome to a brand new airsoft scopecam video today i’m using the vsr-10 and the mark 23 against a couple of cheaters and people that are just not so smart in general we have somebody who takes their mask off mid game and also a cheater who gets caught by a ref right away hope you guys enjoy the video i can get to a good position Come on dude? As you can see we’re starting off strong with a cheater already? All around me are familiar faces worn out places worn out faces i don’t actually know the words to that song Hell yeah this spot is actually fantastical are you hit right in the back dude come of those two this is just a game full of them today right in the hand sorry bud got, some kid straight in the hand dude Hold on Go go right by the spawn, like out this way Yeah i think so Hey buddy uh yeah buddy in the green it’s always a good feeling when the cheater gets caught right on the spot He called it nice are those kids hit or What you’re about, to see is a kid whose eyes are about, to be saved by one small little twig That kid was just saved by an empty mag HEY KEEP YOUR GOGGLES ON! Do not take them off Dude i was about to shoot, him in the face right when he did that oh? Hey keep your goggles on! Do not take them off Do not at any point take them off dude that you just saved that kid’s eyes dude oh saved by gun hit eh hey you know what it saved my life a few times right in the face should have called the gun hit I love the little ah that they do, um I totally lost a mag somewhere in here come on oh? Oh mike and ikes No Ike just Mikes Hook me up okay i’m gonna edit that bit out i Probably kicked it into the dirt i’ll find it in bit here i’m currently under fire so you know priorities or something arking them in on him Baby I came back for you don’t worry come on i’m gonna move up move up position here and the safest technique i know Tactical, Tactical rolling.

sneaky Solid snake okay made it safe and sound trained, trained professional okay well clearly the tactical role thing was working Advance Advance Continue to advance How have I not been shot? Oh shit I wasn’t being tactical enough dude i need some cover man my roles my roles I thought i was being tactical dude He’s blank firing he’s blank firing hot hot sexy sorry 3 2 1 anyways that’s it for this episode guys i hope you enjoyed if you guys did like what you see remember to leave a like and a sub and make sure to press that a little bell button it kind of looks like the ghost from from snapchat but it’s not it’s more effective and it puts some cash on my hip if you guys like what you see i already said that part otherwise enjoy the video that’s what i say at the start man these ending bits are getting harder and harder


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