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Airsoft Ninja! GSAT Airsoft Gameplay at Hell’s Survivors, Michigan

Airsoft Ninja! GSAT Airsoft Gameplay at Hell’s Survivors, Michigan

hey guys this is stinger from the ghost squadron airsoft team and today I’m bringing you some gameplay from health survivors this was on their map called castle I was on the attacking team this was towards the end of the day so there weren’t very many people left and our objective was to get inside and raise the flag on the inside at the very center of the castle we had to switch it from their flag to our flag in order for us to win and we had to do that within about a 10 minute time limit the defending team had to of course defend the flag and prevent us from accomplishing that they had medics they were able to medic each other and we had unlimited respawns if you guys couldn’t suppress them I’ll rush up on them with guy just came out of the front entrance I think I got him no he’s in though he’s in the window on the side our plan was mostly just to try and get up to the side of the castle then infiltrate it and basically just figure out what we wanted to do from there cuz we weren’t quite sure we were going to do once we got inside side window which one left side right no left in the middle in the middle is he right here yes okay hey that front window to the left can you hit that hey guys if you sit can you guys like to move I see him so we kind of just suppress for each other and bounded up to the castle entrance there and attempt to get inside it took us several tries to actually do it successfully after suppressing four killer who ran around to the other side where there’s another entrance I suppress the window for myself and then ran up and I entered through one of the two front openings on the castle and began to clear the castle once inside I was surrounded by at least five other guys who didn’t yet know I was there which was good I had the element of surprise and I tried to remain stealthy as much as I could as I began to move throughout it I took the fastest route the flag which was probably a little bit of mistake just because I didn’t have a lot of time to clear them out before I got to the flag so I identified one target at the top of the stairs knowing that there were at least three behind me on the catwalks that go around the castle and I was instantly swarmed by all the other guys who were all up on the upper level around the border of the castle luckily the one guy who had a clear shot on me his gun was either not fiing or he didn’t have it loaded properly because no bb’s came out when he shot as you can see luckily I was able to get out while none of them were looking and they had no idea that I moved from underneath the stairs so I assessed the situation began to procedurally take them out one by one sorry don’t worry about it since I was on my own after killer had gotten unceremoniously shot out I was being very careful watching all my corners as well as the floor above me and I think I handled this pretty well tactically oh sorry did I hit you all right wait how are you back in oh crap it’s all I had it yeah I know when you move come on so after replanting our strategy and killer tonight assaulted the castle once more as the time was beginning to run out we had approximately three minutes left to do it this time I took the long route around which proved to be a pretty good option because I love me to look at their positions and gauge what I would have to do to get to the flag before I actually got to the flag and it did give me a chance to take them out from a route that they weren’t really expecting as much I missed that guy that I just shot at but I did remain hidden from him he had no idea where it came from mostly because my gun is pretty quiet it seemed very well so it doesn’t make a whole lot of noise apparently I missed him too then located killer then killer got hit use my pistol this time so I took that one guy out with a single handed snipe with my pistol I am was a pretty awesome shot to his kneecap I guess shot it by him but he totally misses me and hits the bars there and today I got very lucky how does this thing work so this quick video of us stealthily clearing through the castle health survivors hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you guys later just better yeah


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