General sponsor Planet of airsoft “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And today I will talk about one interesting new product on the airsoft market Namely, MP7 AEG from VFC This is essentially the first AEG version of MP7 on the market Before these were GBB versions from Tokyo Marui, VFC and KWA And the AEP version from Tokyo Marui And its disgusting replica from the Chinese company Well GBBR of course is cool and entourage But its efficiency depends strongly on the ambient temperature For example in our climate we can play only several summer months Or in closed testing facilitIes with heating I know you can still live in Krasnodar and play all year round But it isn’t about us The main problems MP7 AEP from Tokyo Marui These are the pistol gearbox which is analogue to installed in electro Glock And the size which is smaller than combat prototype So it isn’t entourage And it is difficult to tune it more than 90 m/s The only adequate tuning from Tokyo Marui Is transfer it to HPA with the kit from Bingo Airsoft And checked serial HPA system PolarStar JACK Well, or alternative experimental domestic developments As you know there is MP7 from Tokyo Marui on HPA from PolarStar JACK in our team And impressions are only positive from using it If you missed the whole rewiew on it The link is in the description Of course it is good But the cost of this project is more than 80 000 RUB And it still smaller than its combat prototype So far from the entourage So it doesn’t suit people who are fiddly on this MP7 AEG from VFC has the correct dimensions and is fully licensed by Heckler & Koch And this means that entourage and markings are in perfect order As the combat analogue, submachine gun was made of plastic with metal fittings The body, the front folding handle and the magazine are plastic Picatinny rail, sights, controls, and barrel are made of aluminium alloy There is folding tactical handle in the front part To fold or unfold it you need to pull the key at the bottom On the sides of the receiver there are mounts for additional Picatinny rails For example for the lantern But there aren’t additional rails in the kit The sights are folding They are a front sight and a rear diopter It is possible to use them folded The buttstock is telescopic with 4 length positions You can choose suitable The butt plate is plastic Buttstock guides are metal The assembling quality got the full marks All parts are perfectly fitted Small backlash has only buttstock Yes, the magazine no backlash The fire selective mechanism is bilateral Switches tight, with clear clicks There is an automatical safety on the trigger The button for opening magazine is bilateral And is located at the base of the safety bracket The magazine locks securely – with a clear click The magazine capacity is 120 BBs The battery is placed inside the receiver To install it it needs to put off the front cap To place the battery inside And put the cap back There can be normally placed the 11.

1 V battery (1100 mAh) The same is used in M4 series rifles Connector – mini Tamiya The flash absorber is screwed onto the thread M11х1 right To install a silencer you will need a special adapter Or a special quick-detachable silencer for MP7 By the way, the company AceTech makes such a silencer model with an AT2000 tracer module inside In terms of the similarity of the combat sample, the MP7 A1 from VFC has the correct dimensions And all the needed markings The only airsoft marking don’t hit the eye And confirms that the product was licensed by Heckler & Koch There is the unique serial number at the bottom of the receiver, behind the pistol grip Let’s move on to the most interesting To the inner parts VFC didn’t copy Marui’s scheme with a pistol gearbox And developed their own The main feature of this gearbox is the normal volume cylinder Which allows to tune the basic barrel The whole cylinder-piston group is unique There are 4 gears inside They have also their own design They are installed on 8mm bearings The spring is similar to standard AEG type, uniform winding But shorter Spring guide is quick detachable with bearing and aluminium rod The motor is unique It is attached with the special frame to gearbox Wiring with an electronic key Which is responsible for protecting the contact group and ejection of the blank cartridge Yes, there is ejection of the blank cartridge in MP7 from VFC The rifle stops shooting after the ending the BBs in the magazine To continue shooting it needs to unlock the magazine And install the full one The shutter delay reset key doesn”t need to be pressed It’s only imitation By the way, with an open store, the rifle doesn’t shoot either The hop-up is unique The method of adjustment is similar to the standard hop-up M4 series It is attached to the outer barrel and motor frame So, to reach hop-up you need to disassemble the whole rifle Not the most logical decision The barrel and the hop-up rubber are standard for AEG type This is a big plus Because without problems you can make a flat hop, sugru hop, or put the rubber from Maple Leaf Testing fire shows That hop-up copes with spinning 30s BBs Using the basic one you can confidently hit the growth target at a distance 55-60 m If you install the good press with hop-up rubber and using 30s BBs So it is real to get the firing range near the 70 m Even using the basic one BBs reach 70 m Although not so closely For the submachine gun it is more than enough In fact, we have the first airsoft MP7 with which you can fully play out of the box Without modifications and additional tuning The maximum that can be done is to change the rubber and the hop-up press to flat But if you don’t sure that you will disassemble and assemble this rifle Won’t touch it better This explains the main disadvantage of this rifle It is difficult to disassemble it for hop-up service You really have to completely disassemble the rifle, just to change the rubber For us personally, to properly disassemble this rifle It took us about a day And even more time to assemble it Another disadvantage is the completely unique gearbox Which greatly complicates the repair and tuning But VFC rifles usually work perfectly in the database without any modifications for a long time And the right decision is simply not to get into the rifle until it breaks And by that time, custom parts from some manufacturers are likely to appear on the market Considering that the MP7 from Tokyo Marui with tuning for the HPA costs us more than 80 000 RUB The price of 30 000 RUB on the MP7 AEG from the VFC I don’t have the heart to attribute the price to the shortcomings Moreover, VFC rifles have never been cheap Based on the first tests, we can say that We have a quality copy product That doesn’t require additional tuning How reliable is it will show only the practical experience of the first users This rifle may be of interest to those who need a copy submachine gun for CQB Reconstructors to whom MP7 is laid according to the instructions And just for players who need a quality product You can buy it in Airsoft Store I left the link in the description As usual I propose to discuss this video in the comments And attention, attention, attention! Subscribe to the channel Don’t forget about it Also press the bell With you was Evgenivich See you soon!


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