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Airsoft Mortar Shoots 140 Meters | 460 Feet?

Airsoft Mortar Shoots 140 Meters | 460 Feet?

You’re not supposed to do this What’s up guys guess what just arrived in my post box. It is the Sockechner or Koechner, Airsoft mortar, I can’t pronounce the brand, link will be in the video description.

Now this thing is supposed to shoot Those projectiles here, the balloons, up to 140 meters. now obviously they use the balloons So you can’t hurt anybody in an airsoft game, but it’s not an airsoft game today, so I can shoot whatever fits into this cartridge.

I’m gonna shoot some smoke grenades, onions. Yeah, let’s just get started. Let’s have a look at the manual. Doesn’t look too difficult. step one is use the screwdriver that’s Included, you reset the valve, you fill that thing There we go.

Then We put water into this Cup, which they also include, and the water is supposed to Spread the pressure on the projectile so when it accelerates that it doesn’t explode. Ready? Going hot. Fuck this thing.

Yeah it shot It worked, it actually bent this piece here a little bit. As you can see it accelerated so hard that this thing got bent. But it should still work the water balloon exploded in Mid-air because the acceleration was too hard obviously Probably the balloon, the first one, was filled too much, so I have a smaller one right here.

now I don’t want to do this in a stress situation. I think it’s way harder than a real mortar because in the real mortar you basically just Drop the bomb into the barrel. That’s it Let’s record it down the barrel so we can see how it shoots.

Yeah again it didn’t work Yeah, I Guess this little metal piece couldn’t handle the power. It’s supposed to stop those two pipes from separation Alright, it’s working again. Just let it out yeah, quickly back to Sockechner That’s not the best decide right there.

You should change it I’m curious how much further the mortar can actually shoot, then I can shoot by hand so We have two smoke grenades, and we’re gonna find out the difference. So back there you can see how far it went.

Let’s measure it real quick. 67 meters. let’s see how far I can do it. The best hand baller I guess. I Did 30 meters so the Sockechner mortar can do at least twice the distance and even a little bit more all right now We’re gonna try how far we can shoot with the mortar, so therefore we are gonna use this projectile, this onion.

Which seals quite good in here and we’re gonna do the perfect angle which is from my knowledge 38.5 Degrees and I know a lot of people would say now no it’s 45 degrees. It’s the endless discussion. I think it’s 38.

5 fill with the perfect amount of water. onion goes inside, perfect. Ok Ready? Ready. Okay, we saw the impact let’s find the onion and then measure back so we can confirm the distance. By the way if you’re an Airsoft company and You have stuff like this, like super exciting airsoft products, send it to me.

I want to test them. Oh, I think it’s, it’s right over there All right 103 meters, so that’s the actual one. Cool product 103 meters. quality wise I mean it is It’s a pipe basically. There is not much to say about that But the inside of it you can tell it’s of good quality.

It’s like least from one piece of plastic So that’s good right there. I think it’s gonna last for quite a bit Personally I wouldn’t buy it, I wouldn’t need it as an as a player even though It’s a nice gimmick, but if I would be you know an event manager for milsim, I think I would bring one, You know just to make a mission out of it where some people have to go to some specific coordinates that are mortars and maybe They have to shoot a building or something like this.

It just adds to games, just makes it a little bit more exciting So it’s a cool product. Thanks to Sockechner for sending it and for Developing something like this. Again if you’re an airsoft company and you want your stuff seen tested on this channel, send it to me.


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