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Airsoft Milsim Loadout and Gear! | Multicam Loadout | ermantasdemir

Airsoft Milsim Loadout and Gear! | Multicam Loadout | ermantasdemir

Hi Friends I am ermantasdemir On this video I will give you information about my Loadout. I usually use multicam loadout I can use it with M81 Woodland, Multicam, AOR2, Ranger Green Mass Grey Camouflages I can use Multicam Loadout Everything is compatible and very handsome equipment.

For this reason I prefer let’s start from the vest loadout I use Vulcan Gear Company’s CPC product. Combat Plate Carrier very solid and high quality Crye Replica But best replica I’ve been using it for 3-4 years.

in the rain and the sun. This is the last point. as you see. There is no wear. No change in color. No fading. As you see on the front, I carry an admin pouch. Warrior Assault System Admin Pouch There is velcro area on the front.

you can wear the flag patch the upper side has a light stick section. at the bottom there is a tactical pen section when we turn it on Has zipper pocket and velcro section you can put your various notes in this split.

extra runcam batteries or GoPro accessories can be installed. There is a map when it opens. Its Border War 10 field maps and there is a part to put an ID card very useful you can put game field maps from google maps and indispensable TS Blades have been with me since the first day yes, admin pouch finish Its Warrior Assault System triple 7.

62 mag pouch I’m using HK G28 now for this reason I replaced it with a 7.62 mag pouch. normally when I play with HK 416 I’m playing Warrior Assault System 5.62 mag pouch. front side for pistol mag on the back side for 5.

56 mags The reason I Warrior Assault System using inside is like mold for this reason really like fast mag, you can quickly remove and recharge the magazine. on the side of VEST Warrior Assault System Single 7.

62 mag pouch is here and Dummy Smoke Grenade and SemapoGear Tournique Pouch there is tournique in handy pouch There are alternatives. You can connect it directly with the tire. There is Warrior Assault Medium Pouch on the side again fit with the side of the VEST You can use it for many purposes I am putting smoke grenade in general You can put it on medical supplies and there are 3 rows of mulles you can wear handcuffs or light stick or tournique with the tire and other side there is warrior assault radio pouch in this section my friends I am using Baofeng radio with Long battery handy than other radio pouches.

in my opinion And fit for Baofeng radio and other Warrior Assault single 7.62 mag pouch with molle is here and other dummy grenade there is a waist pouch on the bottom at the front It s ferroconsept product the first company to release this product feature Velco’s camouflaged with multicam an expensive product an easily accessible pouch you can use it for many purposes.

you can put camera apparatuses. or ghillie for dmr aeg I use z-tactical push to talk I am extremely satisfied I use this product for a long time i do not have a problem on the back side I use Semapogear zip on back panel for 40 mm grenade lunchers total 6 places available for 40 mm fit for smoke grenades also there is a large bag at the bottom you can put medical supplies, food or water A good feature that Semapo is compatible with CPC Vest can be connected with zipper on the side Now, Vest is back side of the interior there are original crye pads 4 on the back side 4 on the sides cables you see It is setting the gauge size and the cable on the shoulders the cables on the back are coming out vest opening forward for military imitation medic providers are reaching the wound area in this way.

the shoulder pads are evenly distributing the load. a strong vest It carries your equipment. With pads, your body is wrapped in a good shape. there are 2 rows on the sides the inner part surrounds you.

There is a radio pouch for PRC radio in this section You can also put m4 magazine. outer layer is the molle part for your equipmants Your body is well wrapped around the side and back. and the vest is moving with you.

There are also adjustment positions on the inside front. you can exit it fast thanks to the buckle. vest ok I would recommend this VGC CPC Vest on the J.K.Army web site Now Belt Setup Its Semapo Gear Assault Belt There are 4 pads on the inside as well.

It’s not crye. semapo has made his own pads a thick belt Its fitting well in the body. Its Emerson multitool Pouch There is a small pocket on the front. I put tickets or money in games. a pouch that I can easily reach There is a big pocket on it.

I put a phone or runcam2 batteries. and besides there is emerson flashlight pouch and warrior assault system smoke grenade pouch i put dummy smoke grenade You can put Smoke Grenade or Enolagaye EG18X.

and TMC Medic Pouch the pouch on the bottom side opens as the cable withdraws. and you can reach the medical supplies inside the pouch and Its Warrior Assault Dump Pouch this bag is big and takes a lot of magazines.

and the elastic mouth that surrounds the inside prevents the mags from spilling. Its Bleuforcegear elastic double mag pouch it has an elastic structure I’m using FNX45 Their magazines are huge. for this reason I use elastic.

Handy Now Helmet Setup My helmet is FMA Maritime Fast Helmet comfortable replica and ı am using a-two maritime helmet cover i like that cover Its Emerson Dummy MS2000 and Emerson MS2000 Cover at the back There is a TMC Helmet Pouch I’m putting powerbank in this pouch for cam just below there is a emerson weight pouch first bought products my friends I have been using it for at least 6 years There are lead plaques in it.

these lead plaques are weighing. preventing the helmet from coming forward. this is a product that is used and should be taken. there are safety lights red in two directions My headphones z-tactical compact comIII I have been using it for about 5 years waterproof receive external sounds turns loud voices into low voices.

like explosion sounds it also increases the volume of the low-pitched sounds. it is very useful in indoor games. left-right separation. surround effect. you can even hear the footsteps of the enemy. he come from the right? or the left? you know.

and this side there is a Night Evolution Tactical Helmet Signal Light Lamp I use swisseye as glasses quality glasses There are 3 colors of glass. black, white and orange my mask is regular half mask I covered the mask with multicam tape important for facial protection.

It is not enough to just protect your eyes. There is a lot of BB on your face. Finally ı use leg holster ı choose emerson leg holster why emerson because compatible with all airsoft pistols. pistol flashligh and red dot sight compatible.

an adjustable holster there is extra mag pouch on the front yes my friends These are the equipment I use. and my all camouflages FFI brand all is pretty good quality Despite the rain and the sun, there was no color change.

you can write down your questions in the comments section below. all the information at ermantasdemir.com blog address


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