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Airsoft Mexico – Jugando Airsoft en los Bosques de México

Airsoft Mexico – Jugando Airsoft en los Bosques de México

Hey Tactical YouTuber! One more Sunday, one more Airsoft Sunday. I’m standing in a forest, it’s a private property that we leased from the owner As you can imagine, the game experience in a Woods Field it very different from what you can expect from a Paintball Field and even more from a MOUT such as an abandoned housing project I mean, encounters occurr at open spaces and the pacing is much more calm in between clashes They do require that you are in better physical shape and you should make preparations to como here to play because is not as easy as crossing the street and purchase stuff from the 7/11 You have to keep this kind of details in mind but fear not, this is a great experience and it’s really worth it even if the pace is a bit calmer, this is something that will stay with you Something pretty neat about this type of fields is that maneuvering is king.

Distances are long and your Airsoft replica simply won’t have the accuracy Thus it is very important to close the engaging distance as much as possible at least to where you are really sure that your replica is accurate Prepping counts.

I already mentioned water but that’s hardly all How much gear will you bear? Sincerely, how much can you carry and still be effective? Or at the very least, carry before you exhaust yourself Plate carriers look great and they give you so much real state to carry stuff but walking down the woods for hours with 10 extra kilograms, not counting your replica require someone that is physically fit and exercise almost everyday Think what you really need.

Here’s a hint: Batteries and just enough BBs. Other than that, it’s up to you Radio Comms are very recommendable but what else? Will you need light? What other means of communications will you use? What other trinkets you carry? All this is part of the prepping.

And you don’t this the day before. You start a few days before going to the field, testing your load out at home. Choose what you will take, and after the game, be sincere and decide what you won’t be bringing back anymore.

In this kind of fields, it pays very good to know your replica good preventive maintenance and knowing your Effective Range If you don’t know what that means, go to Facebook and find Airsoft Integral article about it It is time well expend A good maintenance will help you to have a decent Effective Range You know why this is important? Because, in contrast with CQBf fields encounters tend to be at a larger distance and most likely it will be windy So, before making the first BB fly, make sure you won’t miss Maneuver as close as you can and use your sights.

But above all: Don’t miss Batteries!Ican’t stress that enough They will come in handy a good pair of boots, juice for your radio too additional mags All the sort of thing that usually are left at the Safe Zone because is 20 yards away You have to think that you will have to carry them but the same rule still applies You can’t carry anything that you won’t be using.

After 30 minutes of walking you are going to hate whatever you don’t need This game fields are spectacular, the sights are gorgeous, the gaming experience can be awesome, make yourself a favor and at least once, try playing in one of this kind of fields just don’t forget to have the owners permissions, hang signs that it’s an Airsoft game and if you like you can warn your local authorities, take any precautions to avoid souring the experience Remember to ground the expectatives, this is not fast paced actions, there will be a lot BBs flying, that’s for sure it will be thrilling but also there will be a lot more of walking than a Paintball field.

Nevertheless, all gaming fields are fun give yourself a chance to try all kinds enjoy them, have the experience, Play Airsot and remember: Catch me at the gamefield!


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