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Airsoft Mexico – Gameplay del MilSim Op Eagle Claw

Airsoft Mexico – Gameplay del MilSim Op Eagle Claw

Hey tactical youtubers! Get down!! Alpha, go left side I’m expecting so much of this game Airsoft games are not about winning and loosing, truth is that there isn’t the necessary to achieve this, I mean, this is not a sporet unless you are willing to do a very specific set of rules I’m in it for the experience Let’s see.

I hope everything turns out good. That Tacti Solution makes everything run smoothly and above all, that we all (no matter the side) come home very happy about what we experienced, that we come home with epic adventures to tell This is about to start, We have people from Lithium Airsoft Team, from Pachuca Of course from Guadalajara; CDAG and TFK Airsoft teams, from the northen border, we have Diablo and Arth Everything points to be great, I got a good feeling about this, let’s see.

Good luck everybody We got Intel that there will be a drug transaction going on, between Union Latinoamericana Army and a Drug Cartel. This is solid, we got it from USSOCOM this is going down just north of this point Your objetive is the briefcase.

Alpha & Foxtrot! We got work to do Three Tangos, also, there are some Union Latinoamericana troops Rules of Engagement: Don’t shoot them unless they fire first CIA told us that the target is a briefcase If they did they homework, then is a briefcase Backyard walls aren’t tall in this part Let’s climb to the rooftops.

We have a sand storm coming Alpha: Go to channel seven Foxtrot, Echo. I need you at your locations now!! I see tangos, about eight houses from here Let’s go thru the front, how difficult can it be Let them draw fire.

We go into the house Go over the wall. Apollo, this way To the rooftop Hit!!! What? Pablo? – Yes He’s our medic!!! What the F@#k is doing out there?! Watch out, watch out. – I’m hit! Why did you let him go – Well, he didnt’ ask Foxtro, Echo.

Coming in. I need a SitRep Foxtrot 01. We are at your twelve o’clock We have taken out three hostiles I need a medic Foxtrot here. Our medic is compromised Compromised or eliminated? Eliminated. Tronos Go, go! Hey! What’s going on? I’m on the radio with the rest of Alpha, they’re back [from the respawn] YoLoL, I’m going to get them.

Roger that. I’ll hold this position YoLoL to Tronos. Come in Tronos here, come in YoLoL What’s your location? You all should be here by now Tronos to YoLoL, Tronos to YoLoL, do you copy? Come in. Can you find your way back? We have been recalled.

Are the three Tangos still above my position? Afirmative Can you clear me a path? We will supress contacts in front of your position Roger YoLoL to Tronos, do you copy? Tronos here. We will lay covering fire for you to run to our position Roger.

On your mark. 3… 2… 1… Go!!! RUN!!!! Way to go team!!!! Good work!!! Watch for Tangos coming up from there The target was taken by the enemy We have been playing for a bit more than an hour. This has been pretty good, we lost the first objetive Now we must establish a Forward Operation Base at E7 location We got enemy advancing just were we were at Are we in control of the rooftops? Alpha 01 to HQ Is the enemy advancing thru there? Any sargent at HQ, do you copy? Alpha 01 to any sargent, come in! Who copied? Over Foxtrot 01 Hostile contacts advancing north of HQ, do not let them in We got 50% of the objetive We need someone to secure E7 We have taken the rooftops above Alpha, alpha, regroup! Let’s press forward at street level Go! Aaarrgh! Hit! There is another way to there Pablo!!! You’re hit!? Bravo Squad.

We are here to relieve your squad. You got a medic with you? – Yes, that’s me You and you. Raise Danny so she can see what we got on the other side. Dany, what did you saw? It’s clear Roger. We are going back to base.

Let’s grab ammo and supplies. Let’s go At this point, there wasn’t enough light to keep recording I just don’t have the right equipment so I put away all my recording gear and went on to play all night long The milsim lasted for almost sixteen hours, of those Iwas active for about 13 I think I slept in total about one hour and forty minutes at most.

To tell the truth, I didn’t expecto to endure so much This was a great challenge Not only in terms of collaboration, also a physical and mental challenge During the night we got attacks from the enemy to either FOB or HQ so you just couldn’t sleep so deeply it was a very interesing experience.

I slept with my goggles on and my replica resting over my chest You heard any noise and Bum! You were ready to repel any attack This something very, very interesing to live among the highlights of the night I want to tell you about that moment after the “Cease Fire” that we got around midnigt Which in itself was very cool too It doesn’t means that we actually stopped playing it was a literal “cease fire” period We defined a DMZ and each army guarded they side we both were ready for any breachs to the cease fire in my case, my squad and two more, were assigned to guard that zone It’s was pretty cool Let me draw you a quick map of the field That way is the OpFor base Here’s a house block here’s another and all this area it’s an open park My F.

O.B. and H.Q. are down here Alpha Squad was comissioned to take and hold this corner over here We engaged target of opportunity during the night we shot and got shot back nothing serious until very deep into the night I think it was around four or five We were already there for a long time when suddenly the engagement escalated very un much at some point, the enemy got us “against ther ropes” Most of my squad was out I was the last man standing inside the house as soon as I could, I fallback to the backyard I meant to climb up to the rooftop and fallback to a better position When I finally go out, I turned my head up and there was another player, seeing directly to me, I was wide open At first I didn’t recognize him and I thought: “Damn! I’m out of luck” He says something and then I realize that we are on the same side he’s a member from another squad sent to this position to reinforce it I felt like in a movie! I file like that part in “Black Hawk Down” when That’s pretty neat!! And this is what I mean when I say to live the experience because, at the end, is like when you go to the movie theater to see a movie You feel what the main character feels, you suffer, you feel the joy and at the end of the movie you enjoyed the experience You didn’t win or loose but you had a great time.

That’s similar to what we got here Except with a lot more sweat and less time to sleep Milsim has been a great experience for me and that’s something I want to say clear I dont’ think a Milsim is suitable to have a winning and a loosing side.

It’s more about the simulation experience It’s all over. We’re now just chilling, this was so cool The Event closure was great. The hosts gather us around and thanked us there was a raffle it was an impressive amount of stuff that was given away everybody got at least a patch which is a cool detail from the game organizers but the first two prizes, those were awesome Light as F.

.. sponsored by evike.com This is something that I want to mention This event was sponsored by Valken, Airsoftpeak, Bats Inc., and evike.com which is impressive as this is the first time that is done, at least to my knowledge.

I can say it for sure in the western part of Mexico I can’t say for sure in other parts of this country but is awesome! Well done Tacti Solutions! BTW; I want to send my regards to both teams, Union Latinomericana and USFORLA To the LA You are such a great opponents, I had a great time playing against you and in the case of my allies from the other squads Thank you so much.

I also had a great time with you. We made an excelent collaborative effort. You are such great Airsoft players Remember, share this video That helps me a lot and suscribe! Let’s chat in the comment section below And as always; catch me at the gamefield!


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