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Airsoft MEGA Kokoelma – Airsoft MEGA Collection 2020

Airsoft MEGA Kokoelma – Airsoft  MEGA Collection 2020

It’s MacJorma here today, hello guys Welcome to my yearly airsoft weapon collection video Here I present to you my personal collection, of which a few weapons are part of EU Airsoft rental collection These are all, in fact my own weapons I will be displaying prices on the screen, when I am showing the weapons to you guys to give you a better idea of the price including the upgraded equipment I have inside of these weapons I will be calculating the prices based on the value of the upgrades I have made and equipment that I have placed in them.

Let’s start with the first small weapon I have here this here is a Galaxy G9, spring operated terrible quality, but I did make a video of this, feel free to go check that out, if this weapon interests you.

Next to it, we have Umarex SAA, single action army revolver not suitable for games To the next revolver HCF gas revolver this is an okay weapon, but nothing special this one does not shoot quite as hard as the one next to it then we can go to the one above it This is one I just got Marui G18C gas pistol I bought this off of my brother, he is great, go check him out I will be building this into quite an über pistol, so to speak that could make a nice series on this channel here we have a FNX-45 I have revamped this quite a bit This is my main handgun/pistol right now On top I have an RMR and under the barrel here, I have placed a flashlight Secutor Bellum 5 so an M9 is CO2 operated based on a KJW weapon this one here is an SMG MP7A1 this one has been upgraded quite a bit, too to me, this is one of the guns I have decided to retire then, let’s go to the next one this here is a spring operated shotgun BO company or manufacture They manufacture these weapons FABAM 12 I think its called I am quite disappointed in this weapon, to be honest this one here, is probably one of the most expensive stock on redwolf, they sell these for just about 3000€ I have not seen these sold new at all, for years I have some upgrades here as you can see on the inside I have upgraded some things too then here we have a WE-Tech Thompson M1A1 GBB, so slide is always in back position when shooting this I am currently upgrading this I will most likely modernise as soon as I have the time and energy to do so Then we go up here Cyman spring-operated (springer) shotgun as I was bringing these out here, preparing to film, the weapon fell so I cracked the gun up here, which does say something about the quality I honestly don’t mind, since this gun has little to no value An UFO weapon up here CSI XR-5 internally we have a Leviathan and other upgrades LCT SR-3M a steel barrel which weighs a ton this is about a 1 joule set, so there’s nothing much else to it we well go over here next This is a Tokyo Marui High cycle AUG I haven’t upgraded anything apart a hop up part now this is one of the EU Airsoft association rental weapons I had to do this when I figured out the settings to my 3D printer so I printed an attachment for over here This is a G&G CM16 Upgraded internals which results to it being a tad more valuable, than as a stock weapon still nothing very valuable then, DBoys Scar-H We can find a barrel here an AirsoftPro hop up Lonex I have upgraded this weapon’s internals quite thoroughly Now for a rarer weapon Star Rainbow Company XM8 this also has been upgraded a little here and there This one is a Classic Army G3 Commando in other words M41 this has its original stock internals I have retired this weapon too The dogs came out too! Classic Army G3A4 4x zoom sight ACOG Specna Arms Gearbox lengthened barrel I have yet to play with the weapon in a game this would be really nice to try in game There you can see the next G3 My main AEG LCT G3A3 Inside I have titan for the record, which I really don’t recommend Retro Arms split gearbox I have upgraded this to the maximum on top here we have a M4 sight, if I remember correctly quite a nice red-dot, in my opinion manufactured by Element before we advance to the next weapons here we have a G&G FN2000 this is the Hunter version with a built-in sight under here we have a pretty rare rail it is pretty hard to find nowadays and on the pricier side I am in the process of upgrading this weapon ETU Mosfet, which enables shooting bursts or full-auto, which is quite a nice addition to these new ones this is a 2019 version, so the newest one Specna Arms MG36 either E or K, not sure With blowback This costs about 100€ alright even as a stock weapon the gears were in quite bad condition some other upgrades too I have a sight obviously and an adapter to suit M4 magazines M249 A & K There is not A & K left, apart from the frame and some bits and pieces on the inside I actually enjoy this weapon quite a bit there you can see a Barrett I have some more GBBR here before we move on to the Barret L85 WE GBB L85A2 not in great shape, but I have some upgrades in it from earlier years I haven’t had the energy to work on this right now Here we have a Masada WE or ACR MSK I will be painting this weapon later this year, so be sure to subscribe to my channel since I will be making a video of the process a tutorial on digital camo this is the weapon I will be painting in that video I have upgraded this as well My main GBBR M4 WRC .

.. (unintelligible) We have some really fun upgrades in this one and some fun red additions to the frame of this weapon Quite a nice one overall A Diablo upper frame CQB Here is a WE M4 Magpull CQB what else can I say about this fake stock RA-Tech internals nice weapon, works very well Then we can finally talk about these bigger ones this one here is an ARES OTTO REPA SOC SLR DMR some upgrades f.

ex. barrel motor quite an excellent hop up chamber in this one, guys sight of course too, but can’t remember which one specifically some average one This is a surprisingly heavy weapon, probably weighs I’d say maybe 7-8 kg (15-16 lbs) behind over there we have my main sniper This is a Silverback SRS A1 Stock barrel silencer scope I have upgraded the hop up chamber inside to an excellent one by Maxx Model That was that weapon and our old friend, known to everyone I presume Barrett, Snow Wolf M82A1 DMR not extremely suitable for games, because it is so long and heavy A fun fact about all of these by the way each and every one of these weapons seen in the video, work immaculately You guys can tell me which one is the best weapon out of these Feel free to comment which one you think is the ultimate weapon out of these! Also if you have suggestions on which ones I should still purchase or aqcuire please leave that in the comments too, since I’m always on the look out for new additions to my collection not many AKs are in my possession, so that could be a future purchase possiblity Anyways, comment down below your favourite weapon Remember to like this video Share this with your friends That was the video for today Do expect a shooting video in the near future But until then, see you in the next video! Check out www.

euairsoft.com, my recently founded airsoft association (operates in Southern Finland, Hanko, Raseborg areas) We have some games planned in Hanko, Finland in the upcoming weeks. Do go check that out, if you are interested.

Until then, have a great day! Bye!


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