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Welcome to the inaugural game of airsoft Marco Polo seen Argo game because we just made it up One of us is me Marco blindfolded with an airsoft gun 10 shots Essentially what they’re gonna do just like the game in the pool Everyone else is free to move until Marco calls Marco then they respond they freeze in place and call polo They have 10 shots to kill everyone.

Alright, let’s do it. Yeah, this sounds really fun. I’m excited Oh, oh these answers shoot us each champion. No one no one can recommend deceive so you know what? You’re Marco Yeah, if you guys want to play at home, all you guys need is face masks and a gun not a real gun It’s not a real gun an airsickness a fizzle or a nerf gun alright well, I Guess we’re rolling, I guess guys Welcome to the inaugural game of Marco Polo airsoft where I can’t see who I’m gonna shoot ready you guys ready to do this? That’s a resounding yes, here we go the game begins in 3 2 1 go Marco Polo Marco Polo Oh, who’s that over there Marco? Marco hello Marco Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo That was uh, really like Wednesday guy, oh, well you’re walking around your than getting super close It was really hard to hear people because when everyone says polo at the same time the sound Starts to average out and you can’t get a good pinpoint on where people are so it’s really it’s really fascinating.

Okay, boys Can I get my bearings? Marco Marco Marco Polo Fish out of water Where’s Fisher – I mean there’s no tse-tung’s cheating. Oh this cheating. Okay Marco Polo not here in San photos Marco Marco Polo Marco Margot pulao Marco Polo Marco hello Oh so funny you guys are in risky I starting to cook here feel closer and closer am I gonna get in so brave? Who’s been terrifying for Sam? It’s like once you fire.

I should have started moving again Yeah, but you know fear anxiety all that stuff took over Great knock knock, who is that? It’s me in your brain Oh No, get out Okay, it’s hot and the Safety’s on he’s like bird box.

What were the guns? Big Bird bought so it’s actually good all day through Better not be anybody in my house. Okay. I’m an old blind man Marco Polo Yeah, Marco Marco Polo Marco hello Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Marco Marco Marco That was a limp shot Those before brain was our here and your life right Adam you’re like You like and then you like move these shots you call to get any like slept past like three times It’s really fun, it’s really hard since you and me are in this next one.

Let me feel you want a little strategy Yeah. All right, these not going to know about this one, but I Didn’t hear that Sam you’re supposed to freeze when I say Marco I did for you. Not run Six feet a lot of heat a lot of speed when you I was already moving Marco Marco Marco Polo Marco Now when I sell it Marco don’t run four more feet Marco Marco Let go whoa Wow there were multiple times you’re like, yeah Actually there was a time when Sam I were right behind each other and crouched down and you shot me in the foot None of us actually came up with this game.

This is actually Alice’s idea so I feel like we owe it to him to go grab them and Wolfs for run around he can he can play around Jericho. There’s a really good game We should play this with more people – yeah think doing this was like 10 people be really funny.

Yeah, we played four rounds So far this game was Alex’s idea. All right, the guns hot and the Safety’s off. Okay ready? Let’s go Marco Mirko Marco Margot Marco oh, yeah, it’s hard Marco Marco Marco You get me It was like this you gotta go up in there So it’s it’s a lot harder than it seems right Sounded like every time I’d say Marco it sounded as if you guys were saying polo to the right of where I thought you were so that’s why I want to see the footage because there was so many times where like I was aiming where I’m like I can Hear them walking and then I would say Marco I need two polo and I’d like look I’d be like, okay Everybody tends to stand sideways.

So this is your rejects though. You look really close I also trying to get you to shoot D by yelling polo over him Trying to run behind Nico scream Paulo that’s a really really cool game It was so funny are going to do this all the time now with everyone.

It’s so fun. It’s so easy to do Hey, you guys they need cool variations. We could try this. Leave a comment below Tell us what you think you can do to make this even more intense if you’re not subscribed to node well Don’t see if I care The crossbows and cannons


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