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Airsoft M56AL Multi shot pump action Shotgun Review

Airsoft M56AL Multi shot pump action Shotgun Review

hi guys only a sniper here and today I’m going to be doing a review of the m56 dl multi-shot pump action shotgun so this gon filezilla around 320 feet per second so it’s ideal for a bum cqb gun it has three inner barrels seeing as it fires three shots per pump and pull the trigger it’s mainly made out of ABS plastic apart from me out of an inner barrels in fact it has a pistol grip and now I’ll go into detail with all these things okay so starting from the top there is a full metal outer barrel or two in fact the top one extends from the top all the way down past the pump and stops right by the rear sight overhead and the outer barrel hold three inner barrels that far the BBS the bottom barrel holds the spring that you compress the file the bb’s it has no opening but this one does you can see the front sight over there as well so I’m moving down as I said there is the pump handle over here it I’ll show you what it sounds like varied quite easy to pump back forward so far there is a front sling mount over here and I’ve already touched fee provided to sling and there at one point I should mention they’re just kind of lever over here it twists I know many people want to know what it does it doesn’t do anything but on the real shotgun it it changes it from semi-automatic to pump action ok so the rail which the pump is on is metal and the sites are painted white for your convenience you can see there the main body is made out of ABS plastic I just move up here here we have the pistol grip and trigger and choke our trigger is metal I believe and the trigger guard is metal underneath there is a shell door which houses the mock shell all you do is you open it there’s a lever over there you pull it it’s sometimes a bit stiff to open lines being a bit [ __ ] I’ll be back while I can open it ok so I’m I should I open it and to load it you take one of the 30 wrong shells provided and you put it in facing downwards into there may be a click and you pull it down opening it is just as easy you just call me libra and it and the shell will fall out the shells hold 30 rounds as you can see take a look at that means you can fire 10 shots before having to reload if you’re in the heat of battle you’re going to have one more because it Ted there bugger to load so put that down to one side so the pistol grip very comfortable in your hand nice nice in shape moving back the last feature main feature of this gun is the stock which is ABS plastic there is rear sling mounts on the left and the right side as you can see and at the back there is a rubber butt plate which is very nice to your shoulder so that’s a review of the m56 dl multi-shot pump action shotgun this is a full stop version i should say you get these lots of different versions um they’re pretty good great see you could be weapons good backup gun if you’re a sniper or anything so don’t forget to rate comment answer scribe if you like this video


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