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(Airsoft) M4A1 MWS GBBR Tokyo Marui


Thanks to them ! Video about the M4A1 MWS Tokyo Marui, the M4 GBBR proposed by Tokyo Marui Another new M4 GBBR technology, after all the systems which already exist (WE, WA, KJW, KSC/KWA, etc) Advantage of the Marui version : skirmishable out of the box The M4A1 MWS indeed has nice performances, a reasonnable power and a good cool down resistance It should also be reliable, even if it’s too early to be sure about this Its kick is pretty nice, even if it’s not the strongest one Its price is even not too high, in comparison a GHK M4 would be more expensive (both the gun and the magazines) This M4 has a “Cerakote” finish for the body, which is realistic and (should) resist abrasive stuff, scratches and shocks It also has the “Z system”, some sort of upgraded bolt catch system developped by Tokyo Marui Full magazine in full auto (18°C), using Abbey Brut Sniper About 335 FPS (18°C, 0.20 Airsoft Entrepot, Abbey Brut Sniper) Outdoor shooting test by 8°C No trouble at 20 meters, the grouping is actually nice A single miss at 30 meters, nothing to be ashamed of, especially for a GBBR by 8°C The full auto mode is actually usable, even if you can feel some cool down here at the end of the magazine Full magazine in full auto…The last 10 bbs lost some power and start to dive, but the whole magazine has been fired, all the bbs are in the target and the bolt catch activated Original sight of the gun Marui proposes here a standard M4A1, almost old school, full metal, equiped with the minimum Note the finish of the body and the engraved markings, which are pretty cool The select fire lever is frank enough “Airsoft” markings on the right sight, metal dust cover Folding rear sight that you can adjust (up/down and right/left) Note the lack of sling mount on the buffer tube ; there is one on the stock but none on the front of the gun Military type 6 positions stock Buffer tube with “civilian” size, real milspec stocks are compatible but wobble (you can correct this with duct tape) Standard grip, which you can replace by a real one, note you can tell the position of the select fire lever from the right side You can’t put the safety when the gun isn’t armed (which is realistic, same thing on the real one) The trigger is kind of bad, the pull isn’t frank or smooth (there is two stages) and the trigger reset is quite long The charging handle is of course functionnal and you can release the bolt carrier by pushing the bolt catch on the
left side of the gun The magazine fall from gravity when you push the mag release button The magazine carries 35 billes, it’s specific to the Marui M4 (magazines from other brands won’t work) note the injection valve and markings under it The nozzle stay attached to the hop up unit for a long time during the cycle, which should assure minimal gas waste The forward assist lever is functionnal, even if it’s not really useful The hop up adjustement wheel is inside, on top of the entreance of the hop up unit In order to reach it, I believe the most simple way is to open the gun and slightly pull the bolt carrier You can now adjust it with your thumb Close up on the trigger group, not realistic at all The “Z System” from Marui, a complicated bolt catch which slows down the bolt carrier before stoping it Actually, if you look at the buffer…… You can see that it is mounted on a spring too….. Same thing for the nozzle end, the whole system has been made to “self absorb”, which should limit wear Finally, two rolls (one on the bolt carrier and one on the hammer) allow a very smooth bolt carrier cycling Thanks for watching ! .


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