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Airsoft M14 Socom Spring Rifle Review

Airsoft M14 Socom Spring Rifle Review

hey guys today we’re going to be doing a review of the m14 SOCOM spring airsoft rifle and to start with some stats its shoots around 370 to 390 fps depending on what kind of BB you’re using I use point twos most accurate for this gun it’s got a 21 inch barrel and its magazine holds 37 rounds which is pretty decent you don’t have to reload for a little while if you look in the description and all of an annotation on the video for the rest of the video showing the page to which I bought this but the one I have linked is going to be of the shortened barrel the one I have right now is the extended barrel and for some reason I couldn’t find any pages that sold the extended barrel anymore which is kind of sad you don’t get the accuracy but I’m sure if you googled m14 sokham extended barrel you’d be able to find some somewhere but I haven’t been able to find one from the sights I normally buy from other than that all the stats are the same and you’ll get the same package which is a speed loader the gun itself and the mag it also comes with these rails that come off as well it comes with a sight that happens it’s a red dot sight but this part breaks easily so and it’s also non telescopic so I don’t use this very often whatsoever the flashlight however does work and I do use this normally on my shotgun though with other matches I get nighttime and this slides off so you can secure it in place here it’s a bolt over in this corner but I don’t usually set I usually just use the iron sights as it is some of the features of the gun will see under Neath is the mag release just pushing that to take the mag out and just force it back in and then safety is switch pushing it in causes it to safemode pushing it back out and it’s got the hole here like on some real guns that you could put a lock in it to keep from shooting but this is airsoft so we don’t need that on the back we have adjustable sights so you can see turning it clockwise will cause the rear sight to go up and then counterclockwise will cause it going down I get just kind of center of this dip right here you can aim that to the front crosshairs all right hand side here we see the charging handle easy to pull back it also comes with a Sun which you see attached here as well as in the back underneath the gun and this thing around it is a butt pad I made out of some old cargo shorts and also annotate here in the video as well as in the description if you’re on a mobile device to the video of how I made this and kind of why it sounds kind of cool this however does not come with a gun just a custom add-on I made and the front underneath the gun we also see some RS rails for you the touch of bipod or flashlight what-have-you whatever you need like I said earlier I don’t normally go with the RS rails on the top because they kind of get in the way of the iron sights and the just kind of cumbersome and I don’t use attachments on this it also looks a little bit nicer without them on where like the original m14 that’s about all I have to say on this gun I’m going to have a shooting test also link that in the description as well as an annotation right here at you can watch that I’d recommend this gun to people that are just starting out with airsoft or even those who have been playing for a while is its overall just a really great gun and I’ve enjoyed using it so yeah again if you’d like to watch the shooting test I’ll have the links set up on the video in the description and on the video itself and yeah so if you want go check that out now we’ll see you guys in the next video


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