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Airsoft | Lonex M4 SOPMOD EBBR | Review on Battlefield

Airsoft | Lonex M4 SOPMOD EBBR | Review on Battlefield

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video presentation ! Today I’ll talk about a replica loaned to me … Siler : This is the replica from Airsoft-Entrepot? Uh… Yes, but I’m filming there, Siler. Siler : Excuse me .

.. No problem… Pffff. Hello everyone and welcome to this new video presentation ! Today I will talk you about a replica that was loaned to me by Airsoft-Entrepot shop and is of Lonex brand. So… Siler : She looks pretty this replica ! I SAID YOU THAT I AM FILM.

… It is better to be alone than in bad company ! That is true. Well ! Now that I’m quiet and before my arrest for murder, I’ll finally be able to present this replica. I’ll get it out… And I’ll start by saying a word about the manual.

It is in French. It is complete… and that, in every detail ! For example, it stipulated that we must pull the trigger to fire ! If that’s not the detail. So read it ! Me, it made me smile. So ! We pass to the replica : a M4 SOPMOD EBBR from Lonex brand.

At the rear, the adjustable SOPMOD type stock, which houses the battery and the recoil shock system. On the body, we found the Lonex logo, which is engraved. On the top, there is a carrying handle. Included by default, an end plate dual hook sling rear mount which is a good thing.

At the front we find a vertical grip, a sling front mount and two rails covers. This forms a fairly complete lot. It’s a “ready to play” replica. We will remove that … and I will show you the few other markings.

So a good first impression. No space betwenn pieces or anything that moves… On the other side, aesthetically, not much to say. So to access to the Hop-Up, as often, you pull the charging handle. Here you can see the adjustment ring of Hop-Up.

Now, we can closes the… ejection port. Note : the replica comes with spare recoil system. Inside the replica, you have this piece. No spring, nothing moves, it just serves to disable the recoil shock.

From my point of view, this is useless. There are enough AEG on the market for not buying an EBBR and disable its recoil shock. However, where does it go ? We will try to see that. The cap is removed.

.. More simple : I will remove the stock… Hop ! Well ! I don’t have the tools, but unscrew this cover there to exchange the two systems. To give you an idea, it is in the buffer tube. Good ! Again, everyone does what he wants.

Me today I want the recoil shock system so I will remain in this configuration there. We see the mini tamya plug here and I’ll take the opportunity to connect… the battery. Today, it will be this Lipo of KYPOM brand, model 25C 2000MAH 7.

4V, compatible with the replica. In this case, it’s very easy to set up. No screws or RIS/RAS to remove, for example. Just a plug. It’s simpler than the previous replica. And voilà… Cable, into the stock.

It will be easier like this. A first plug, to put in a good way. And that piece that also has a sense … Hop ! It works ! And we can already see in action the recoil shock system. For the magazines, the shop lent me those mid-cap King Arms magazines.

Here, no wheel loaders… all that is most standard. The replica comes with a Hi-Cap of 300 bbs without wheel. Just a plate with markings … …plate which can be opened and we falls on a system with a cable.

Simply pull this cable who replace knurling. In short, a nice system, it amuses me, well a good idea from Lonex. Once we have said all that, with the battery in the stock, it only remains to remove the carrying handle by unscrewing, and to fix my Eotech.

.. …and go to chrony zone. Orga : Pretty noise ! So ! As Orga has remarked, this replica makes a nice noise. This is due mainly to the recoil system that is in the buffer tube. If you still doubted its usefulness, it may be able to completely convince you to leave it there.

.. The recoil effect, when you pull the trigger, is quite friendly. To compare with what I know, it is better than the Marui EBBR but stay away from all gas systems replica. Basically, if you want thrills, turn to the GBBR.

However, if maintenance or degassing of these kind of replicas trouble you, then this replica is a good understood. Despite of EBBR system, we have here a very good reactivity. The effectiveness of the Hop-up and the 6.

03 inner barrel give to this replica a good accuracy and offer him a good reach. In addition, the FPS power is large enough not to have to shoot 10 bbs on a player well equipped. Finally, this is a replica “buy and play”, with a complete package and very good performance.

But we expected no less from Lonex. And I would end this video by a board about the magazine release system, which is located here. Normally, there is a button on the other side… …I will show you.

There, with the vibrations of EBBR system, I have lost the button, maintained by a screw. So check out this screw and if necessary, use Loctite product like Thread Locking Adhesives. Note that the model I use is a pre-production.

So this does not necessarily apply to models sold. Whatever it may be able to avoid you setbacks on the battlefield.


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