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[Airsoft Loadouts] Razor’s Loadout [Remastered] – Jolly Roger Airsoft – MP5 Lightweight Loadout

[Airsoft Loadouts] Razor’s Loadout [Remastered] – Jolly Roger Airsoft – MP5 Lightweight Loadout

you say your catchphrase who Jasmine’s that’s it I like it yes so a good afternoon from Jolly Roger airsoft this is razor from havoc squad on the interview my normal load out this will be wearing around the house or gig ups house in the fall and it’s very tan as you can see multi hands are nice addition to the leaves works anywhere cuz nice is you want to blend in to the bottom atmosphere you don’t want to blend in and trace element work at all the bottom works but [ __ ] working to sender but yeah basically i’m gonna be using my jg you know mp5 nice good rival gone only doesn’t five sometimes but don’t kills [ __ ] the lot so it’s a good young right I got my extra magazines in this m4 pouch or McAuliffe skier I ever dug my house here with rubber bands and fur laps i put a vegetation on it hot and over i need to i’m also wearing my OD headband as you can see usually want to play dimitri i’ll be wearing this i’ll also layer a boonie cap a booty cover whenever I feel like it getting you a nice for having vegetation right now be have my satchel my beautiful satchel as you can see Jake is a was like messenger bag that’s it the messenger bag yes destructors like or those like job well yeah but carry pollen 10 secs VIP i have my brown amazing clock you know co2 really fun never lets me down except for that one type of broke hey i was an accident nice remember it always wear eye protection over playing airsoft it’s very important or you know firing or discharging your ears when discharged nebula coded as you can see that was emptied there was no firing out of that pistol I made sure and also inside my gas mask pouch I have a sniper veil so i can add some deeper color to my skin because I’m white usual you’re wearing a face paint but I’ll still wear this it’ll cover my skin adds a nice dark environment blends in the leaves I like to use olive Jacob bike seas tan and green oh yeah a little Zola yeah I like can go up town’ necklace base colors I do base colors oh ok from when it gets cold my OD shemagh a lot sexier than jacobs yellow on white yellow ones nice man yours yours looks new it’s all folded up like I take care of mine you’re not supposed to get over smog oh you’re just supposed to let nature do what nature does amazing i could wrap it around real mention bugs have holes in them back to school I don’t think that’s advisors at that point we’re kind of supporting I’m also pretty high also in my one camouflaged loved one not camouflage lost the other one side will work I’m also wearing a shock watch a g-shock g-shock super simp stirs oh no it’s too mainstream for him too mainstream for may know angie is that yeah it’s just faceplate when everybody else awesome people think it’s stupid but it works always go down color brown you know brown tan black green only works you’re highly highly vegetated areas like we have natural selection with that one I’m also wearing farming tan brown boots they’re very sexy very nice i highly suggest them you can buy from every PX mcx mcx mcx good BM so does the Air Force have a CX over a cx-5 I just write letters that’s what hurt and the circle stores count expensive yeah that is my loadout i also have a famous Jolly Roger patch he does my trusty knife he’ll get a lot of kills this awesome throw it pretty well but you can ask Justin that hit him in the face give him big dance that’s why using up so pretty anymore that is this wall right that has been a razor from Jolly Roger soft yeah so Josh elaborate public justice for is coming up you’re the star you want to tell us about that well it’s good to be a really fun time you don’t want to kill Jacob a lot I don’t know Patriots gonna die quite a bit we’re gonna mess coating in I’m probably gonna be wearing a black pants and maybe some German top so that’ll look pretty rebellious may be using the AK maybe even but actually that should cover youth vote mp5k mp5 or AK you heard it here md5 rent gonna be a vote yes Thank You Carson CA go uh no more questions um yeah josh is our resident sniper guy welcome dude use multicam pants for sniping but I can do a sniper review later if you guys want to yeah subscribe to Jolly Roger airsoft this has been razor have nice day


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