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hey guys ok so today I have a little bit of a gear review i guess for you so I’m just gonna go for all my stuff and life on getting I guess so first of all start with the pistols I got to HK fully lessons which is nice u.

s. piece on there the non blowback CIT umarex unfortunately I thought I got these in a mystery box actually to theirs there were gear and some pistols mostly geared on sauce hoping to get some sort of best for I’m not like pouches or I don’t know I unforeseen ended up with these however they actually turned out to be pretty good cuz these are since the co2 you and it’s non blowback you can’t hold slide back it’s extremely guess Fishman sorry efficient and with one Mac this one because you are doing it because I don’t want to be shooting in the house so um way up is this is extremely gas efficient hi food like 10 mag don’t see a pastor so yeah but so dr.

turn-offs be okay and um I am however planning on buying a tokyo marui glock 17 yeah if i if i do end up buying it i’ll make a review about it I guess possibly an unboxing but i might be too excited oh yeah alright here’s my primary it’s a leaf force m4 cqb black version i bought 10 10 of these beta project emacs and they hold seven eight rounds as long as you don’t over on overload them they are according to many other youtubers I know or watched they are one of the best feeding bags on market that further price because Sony $68 fall 10 and i gotta say they fit extremely well in every gun I use or handled well as have used or handled the GPM floors GM GM for kwa and a dboy scar-l so yeah I on to my gun starting back I have a black saree tan crane stock that is very paint an actually after after I rub them weathered it with my hand alone actually turned out pretty good because at the black underneath so I think it looks good guys me not but that’s me right and to complete this dual tone obviously you have the macbook ladder rails and dark earth and test sock I may end up buying a pistol grip or they spray painting this time being so yeah moving on we have the magpul local sites both front and rear or a GMP 5 515 520 530 exactly remember I yeah so next we have a microswitch which is nice and the trigger you can hear that’s nice just tab it’s like a cop the thing is um the force is supposed to you know and it marks company and I’m sure mostly knows but uh the internals are owned by Ares and it marks bodies making it only two dollar so that’s why I bought it and I a pretty op up and that’s about it all right I got new a new era barrel but those are the only internal upgrades so moving on like I said before out of the dark earth Maxwell ladder covers ladder rail covers and a hook to catch for grip here that’s nice I came with a gun actually so that’s nice and we have a GMP special forces press or silencer I don’t know the difference and you may be wondering how I got this in here I actually took out there I don’t actually have a barrel this kind of covers up the entire barrel look I do have an hour barrel but anyway um as you can see it doesn’t go all the way back I don’t know actually I don’t know if you can do that but hopefully again and that’s because this isn’t actually screwing on things so I took the back feet back plate off with GPS you can do that odd and to make it from coming out I put a some electrical tape there so unless I forcefully pull it out as hard as i can probably won’t come it will come out with you if I drop this suck but uh yeah moving on my backup gun is my actually my original gun this is an echo 1 p90 or p 90 I like to keep some light so i don’t have a rockets on top however my flash hider it doesn t have the orange one and the metal threadings I destroyed it Eric the shrewdest the plastic coatings so put on nope nope i see sauna fire on it and that’s it i do have two mags one hi cap and and this is one of to make apps that are [ __ ] around and I would be willing to sell this as I do not need the same but yeah knowing too much about this right now for my uniform I have a see you in I have a Cu full ACU pants and top or patent shirt I guess but um I’m starting to buy some multicam this is just the shirt i did not have passed yet i’m crying about that soon that’s about this is this is the actual he’s used by the military at some point combat shirt its flame resistant probably can’t see debt but yeah it’s the flame resistant room i bought it for only 20 dolla it was shipping on ebay so that was extremely good deal and my chest rig is a multicam tru-spec just fit and this is actually pretty good uses corduroy fabrics which is really nice i bought this one hour mystery box i was hoping to buy some sort of theirs try not by hoping gets them to a plate carrier but this is actually a lot better than i could expected instead of having achondroplasia or something but uh yeah so what i have on here is I’m gonna change out all these pouches beat multicam or at least take all one color least but I’ll see you open top double stack couch however the outside ones do not fit to it’s like really cram it in that I can’t pull the mags out as easily so only the middle one holds to the reality and that means Tucson for so i bought a shingle pouch tan single pouch i believe this is a tech pulsing mags I do not know what this is at all but a whole two bags yeah and then and then I also have a condor or we could jump hold the Bulldog gosh so that’s it nothing too special I don’t know I might be getting some liquor yeah my back all right this is the OE tech or Condor I saw him great about it when it is they are the same company after all but so this is a high-tech day pack and i use it as a hydration carrier and right there and I like here I click no poke to put extra stuff like extra mags if I really need you which I never do put up I could put in my 5090 fits in here yeah all in that this is this is just my daypack I’d take whenever I go on feel go to aircel fields for a day so yeah it’s about it don’t have anything else as some now I have another black best but I’m never to use it way to pay for me as museum pretty small yeah so thanks this video please rate comment subscribe


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