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Airsoft Loadout – Wesley

Airsoft Loadout – Wesley

yeah hi it’s Wesley from tyga’ airsoft and today i’ll be going with my loadout for our American paypal Colosseum’s operation battle of treatable I’m going to go over is the gun i’ll be using it’s a magpul pts masada that i have an ncstar red dot on a flashlight for the night game i’ve also had an angel custom six point 01 tybor barrow just for that added accuracy in performance next is the pistol i’ll be using this is just a non blowback smith and wesson M&P 40 it’s mainly constructed out of polymer the only thing that matters thats metal really is the trigger and the mac release and the clip is also entire in the middle even though it’s still an even though it’s entirely polymer it’s a non blowback pistol it still has a very respectable for us then i have an AC you like holster looking be housing miami p for me the chest rig i’m wearing into the Condor chester ii and on it i have mounted a triple kangaroo pouch which is holding I don’t have any extra pistol magazine so it’s holding co 2 and swiss army knife in the kangaroo pouches and then my gun or I’ll be forced 140 around vidcaps this sling is a condor cobra tan one point bungee sling which i will have clipped in tomasa i also have a condor dump pouch which will be keeping my dead rag in just so i can pull it out and put it back in quickly and also quick read lips and lastly the most important part of everyone’s gear the face protection for that I have a black head wrap a black hat experience shooting glasses I run my face set up this way that’s really light my red dot I can get down there and look through right away also I can keep these glasses really close to my face so I don’t worry about any bb’s coming in through the sides or the top


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