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Airsoft Loadout – WE PX4 GBB Gun Loadout 360° Full Setup – real eng sub

Airsoft Loadout – WE PX4 GBB Gun Loadout 360° Full Setup – real eng sub

Hello Youtube hello everybody Usually I don’t so “early” on my video but exceptionally I want to thank you all because it seems you really like my last video, the gun loadout of the G5 you were a lot to comment, like and share it that why I choose to continue the serie with this video of the PX4 and of course, many other gun loadout will come later During the last gun loadout, you mainly request a better sound You have to know that during the last video, I had cold today it’s better so I hope you hear me well but if it’s not, warn me and I will try to buy a new one to increase the sound quality Let see the links page, you can see all subject I will check on the PX4 (not G5!) Like the mag, the sight or performance Let’s go It’s a PX4 from WE, it’s a GBB so yes it use gaz It is reliable because until now I never had big problem with it I just lost one spring one day but as it was on guarantee, no problem it’s why it’s a reliable gun The weight is about 605gr without mag and 930g with the mag So it’s an heavy pistol regarding his size But it’s nice It cost about 110$ About mags, they contain a maximum of 25 bbs They are reliable but it’s not impossibe you encounter some gaz leak But on this model it’s easy to fix them The weight is about 325gr I use mainly Ultrair or Propane The price is about 25$ I use two of them during my games About sight, I choose optic fiber sight from AIP I made the review few time ago For me, it’s the best solution in terms of aim speed and accuracy On a pistol like this one Without use micro dot like some glock by example They’re solid It’s not very complex to install You just have to know your gun but it’s not impossible It cost about 18$ About performance, I have a range about 30m For a power of about 300fps with 0.

20bbs The accuracy is pretty good with the nineball hopup rubber it cost something like 20$, it’s a little too expensvie I increase performance by using an adhesive tape on the internal barrel To avoid a lack between each barrel And I use teflon tape arround the rubber to increase the airtightness You can find all links about products in this video on the description part And of course, you can find my gameplay with the PX4 by clicking on the link on the video If you don’t see it yet I add the link of the previous gun loadout of the G5 This video is not finished Thank you everybody, don’t hesitate to like, share and comment Ciao


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