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Airsoft Loadout – Vietnam War Infantryman

Airsoft Loadout – Vietnam War Infantryman

Hey everybody, Cole here today. We’re gonna be doing my Vietnam War impression Let’s be honest. It’s not gonna be accurate. It’s airsoft. No ones gonna really care if it’s accurate or not, but it does Have some qualities if you know what I mean But yeah, lets get right into it Alright so this is the basic fatigues I just have the 3rd pattern jungle jacket matching with some good ol’ pants Obviously reproduction, I dont wanna mess with any originals You know, its airsoft, Im just gonna be running around Sliding and crap.

I dont wanna ruin any good precious originals For the patches I got the most basic US ARMY, not even close to uh you know accurate and 101 As everyone does No one’s gonna really care because its airsoft.

You know we’re not trying to be reenactors here but sometimes I like to use the Good ol’ boonie Just so I can Relax and not have to use my m1 pot I like to wear this whenever Im not playing around And you know just taking a quick little break The M1 Looks really nice.

Fits like a glove. You already got the complete set up You just need the gear and whatnot Pretty cool All right, so this is what I look like with my gear on I got my basic Infantryman loadout So let’s start off with the m16 pouches.

This one is actually a Grenada era, so you know not accurate as I said This one is actually an original. I like to keep my spare and M16 and M4 magazines they’re like the long type so it fits my M4 I usually about two hicaps one midcap.

I’m going to get more midcaps Just so you know a lot easier; dont have to wind it up Planning to get a bandolier It looks cool, I know I like to keep a dummy grenade here. Just for looks looks, pretty cool But yeah planning get rid of this one.

I usually just keep spare batteries, nothing special sometimes a little bag of BBs just for my midcap Maybe a speedloader, not much. You know whatevers in this yeah, and I have two canteens this one is actually a Vietnam one and Also Grenada Then the classic buttpack You know there’s not much in there, but I usually just bring what I need such as extra socks and possibly extra underwear Rain poncho, zip ties Extra batteries sometimes if the pouches are a little too full.

Spare BBs, all that good stuff. I’ll show you pictures right now So as you see in the butt pack There are the rain poncho as I mentioned earlier, and the extra socks all that stuff rope twine Just basically overall what I need for the day and a messkit All right so my primary is actually the Cybergun m4a1 It’s not a special one.

It’s just a run-of-the-mill as you can see the crane stock right here. Sorry for the lighting It’s actually snapped off the thing is actually falling apart of it getting gnats all over me It has a new receiver metal Now I’m gonna be honest with you guys I actually kind of screwed up the gun abit back then Right there.

I don’t know how it looks like camera so sorry if you can’t see it But actually I made the whole bit bigger cause I had to modified the thing so the pins would fit Now it just shoots like crazy. So I have to like stuff like a little piece of paper down there around those pins so it’d fit, and keep it airtight Sorry bout that, the wind got up really crazy But yeah nothing really special about this rifle Fires just like normal Basically all my loadout is just you know, basic infantryman Nothing too special Planning to get an E-tool carrier right about here or here Because I feel like it’d be a lot more Vietnam-ish, you know suit me for I need to do That’s really it.

Honestly. Nothing else. I could say like I mentioned earlier. I need some new suspenders a new m16 pouch That’s really all I need alright. Thank you guys for watching I hope you have a good day, Take care


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