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Airsoft Loadout Update

Airsoft Loadout Update

hey guys today I’m going to do a update an existing video my airsoft loadout mainly because I got a couple of new things to go along with it the biggest one being my new vest if you click on the best I should have an annotation somewhere in there to the review of it as well as if you want check out the my knee scope it’s a 4 x 32 utg leapers scope and if you click on that there should be an annotation there too when I edit this and you can go watch that video if you want otherwise i’ll continue on with my loadout video everything else is the same I use a mesh mask and a shemagh as well as to speed letters I’ve got four clips for my sniper rifle the fourth is in the gun I have a 99 spring pistol with two mags knife just for demonstration not really for actually use in the game I suppose if you got a rubber knife you want to use for close quarters and airsoft like when you’re within the kill zone if you’re too close to shoot them you could use like a possum a that’s not done before I mean they pretty much everything fits onto this best I will load it up and demonstrate that for you now okay guys so just a quick one true of everything on the best my sidearm here my Walther p99 and the extra mag also right next to holster then I’ve got three sniper rifle mag pouches life just for demonstration purposes there’s a lot of room on the belt still if I need to have anything on either side of the bell I have a speedloader they’re easily accessible just in case I need to get one real quick and that’s pretty much it for the best I’ll show you what it’s like with the rifle on here as well as the mask in the head wrap what’s nice about this best particularly is that the rifle strap when I put on my back fits comfortably it doesn’t get in a way of annie this other stuff at least the way up at around from left shoulder to right hit it just manage because I don’t eat these patches as much just because I don’t have an AMG for a shotgun which I think this pocket is Lexi’s for mainly shotgun shells so it bypasses most of the stuff on the best so it’s pretty easy and comfortable to deal with I’ll put the mask and head wrap on just to show you the finished product ok guys so here we have a finished product i’ve got my mask and head wrap on and everything fits pretty nicely that’s about it look forward some future videos of mine probably be updating the load out too much anymore this is about as far as I want to go with it and I’ve got some more videos coming up in the future so go check those out and i’ll see you guys next one


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