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Airsoft loadout update

Airsoft loadout update

whats up youtube today I’m bringing my hair soft loadout this is more just freed Irene I just so i have a faster loadout not like my other one sorry if you guys didn’t like the other one i guess it was kind of not the best but here’s another one so first I’ve got the kwa battle rifle you guys already know about it so put that out of the way um I just got this there I got a brand new tactical system today so this is a God know where it’s cold but it’s used sudden somebody actually didn’t use it in Afghanistan so it’s got the gun 3mm pouches my first aid kit wishes in here I’ve got a lot of first aid stuff in there we’ve got headache good leaving all that then I’ve got a fold-out magter bat mag pouch wherever you guys call it then I got my bayonet over here I’m in here I haven’t figured out what I’m gonna fit in here I think it’s a grenade pouch I don’t know yet and then up here’s a grenade pouch which I’m going to be buying grenades tomorrow so get that other way also on the back I’ve got the hydration pack the camelbak don’t think you guys can see it too well but I don’t have it in there yet I’m getting one but it’s not in there yet also I’ve got a the elbow pads I don’t use them this dump there’s no abuse for them so that’s that now I’ll get my helmet on I used to wear normal safety god blesses that might have got me um this is a Mitch 2000 helmet it’s a replica it’s not a real one as a Chinese one I might be getting a real one in the future but I don’t know if I really want to spend that money or not so I’m also i might be getting crap what was I going to get it I know I’m getting the grenades I’ll just put them on the candidates on these are not mechanical lips I use these sometimes I’ll i just use them for him protection cuz I like it shot in the knuckles because that crap hurts quite bad um I’ll show you guys I use my date made on my rifle a lot I just think it looks cooler with the bayonet on there that’s what it looks like with the baton it on there like to walk around with it oh um also I’m going to be getting a new face ski mask the military I don’t know what you got what it’s called I just calling a ski mask I’ll be getting getting a new one of those i might be ordering an ACU digital camo on but i have two other vests i gave one of them my little girl have three other but want i spray-painted cuz i was an idiot and then I’ve got another one which is just a front which I gave it to my little brother is just a front list and then I’ve got a full plate carrier and I don’t use that I’m gonna let my little brother you that one but i also picked up some new patches I’ve got a US Army patch that goes right there and then i’ll probably probably going to be ordering a nametag patch with my last name and then I don’t know if i’ll be getting that for the rank or not but so i guess i’ll show you i already showed you my battle best and everything um I’ve got the AC pants on there are little baggage I’m not wearing my belt so that’s why they’re baggy a little bit and then I’ve got the normal based on the combat boots on these or I don’t remember what these ones are called I got these from the military store too so I’ve also got like knee pads but I’m not going to wear them i just don’t really ever wear them much or so that’s that and well that’s into my video on my youtube video don’t forget to Like subscribe and comment don’t please tell me everything I need to do and if there’s anything that I could do to make it look more better or better I was I’m English so that’s it YouTube and like I said don’t forget to Like rate and subscribe


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