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Airsoft loadout (so far)

Airsoft loadout (so far)

all right hey guys um it’s isaiah from war dog airsoft and today i’ll be doing i will said review um well no um well yeah a review on my stuff I use for airsoft I guess um so what you’re first going to need or know what you’re my first thing I’m going to show you is my gun now as many of you know this is a jg m4 carbine uh now in the last video i put up I said that it was it shot at 350 FPS I was wrong I wouldn’t got it car load and it turns out it was shooting at like three 93 95 and like 410 and stuff like that would point to so uh yeah but it’s actually really good it’s a really good nice gun I’m probably like not gonna ever stop into it um I’m gonna save up my money for a javelin super cqb um yeah for a javelin super cqb because I just want a weapon I can bring into the arena that uses the same like em four and four bags and four mags that I can just put into it and i’ll be ready to go so yeah yeah six positions talk with the boss so yeah next thing I’m going to show you is my mad I only have two magazines two men they’re both 600 rounds they’re both high cap the only difference about them is that one has the one that came with the gun has this little hole where you want a second clip to load it up you all you have to do is take this lip so Leo little wheel do it Daniel to bag one okay we have to do is you still don’t know you know what just rip the bathroom take this wheel stick it in there around and you’re reloading I just prefer use this because one it’s quicker and to you don’t have to worry about losing this little key part but I’m not really going to bring this around with me just in case the wheel brakes or something because this is a edgar loads faster and it’s a bit more efficient besides the fact that you know you’re gonna have to keep track of this little piece so uh yeah it’s actually not that bad have it run that’s why originally when I was first looking at getting my AG i was looking at an uberx hk416 but i didn’t want that close the way you reloaded it was just spinning this and I knew that if I had that I would lose this so yeah I just decided oh this black magazine came with the gun as you can see because you know yeah blacklegs me came to go and then this gray meg oh yeah earlier details at the tactical airsoft a riddle my buddy ryan he doesn’t have a youtube channel i think grind eared but i was at the airsoft areito with him and yeah you’re having fun this is a $21 classic army and for m16 mag it fits it fits in there perfectly like no Jim Leidel like absolutely it’s so glad i bought it it’s the best oh it does blend in with the durable polymer body but i’m fine with it um the thing yeah so yeah so good this is great there’s no difference between that one has the color and it’s about it with the bags of course um so uh I’m getting to the point where or well I’m kind of at the point where I have no longer I am instead a decent player cuz i got the magazines i got the good gun before i only have like one bag and nothing sit just a girl I know you the babies so yeah move on to when I’m in game I’m just gonna this little thing this handy thing it is in fact I don’t even know what it is but so what are we going to do with it is I’m first I’m going to put my gray mag in bed at the gray one the car me one what I do is there’s straps right here I undo those and in this middle strap you’re going to want to undo that and then it will open up this inside part of it what you want what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to or well this is because I know the vest of us should be coming in the mail I hope yeah what you want to do is you want to take it the mag place it inside of there close it back up the way that it was um bring it back around put this this little hole and then I like to put myself through it too at the same time so it’s more stable and then just put it back


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