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Airsoft Loadout | Smallz / FLA [Kit – Gear]

Airsoft Loadout | Smallz / FLA [Kit – Gear]

is my custom marketing delfin grand up yeah birdcage rvg Santa my geekiness 28.2 one magical stock just a stock distal grip speed trigger and then in terms rcci balance SI chest towards the ones and a bunch of low next impression boards and shs piston into shooting do it over and we got this out of the way gonna move on to my loadout yeah interceptor boots as a crab decision represent to emerson pants got a just a duty belt holding a black ops 19 oh man i painted green holding that serpa holster then we got a phantom gear dumped out I up too fast mag we’ve been up to my torso we’ve got a JP CBI Lancer tactical I got the blue force gear triple shingle double mag pouch made by phantom gear ms3 slam then moving on I’ve got a just a standard mesh mask I painted and I’ve got ESS nbg goggles and an emerson fast helmet has been custom painted and a bungee cord that’s my load up I’ve been playing airsoft buddy here and some change now I could get up front mostly get down dirty in front but it get it quick we booked push up where do you like to play up I quit Stampede airsoft and comments idiots bet it tak everyone too long


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