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Airsoft | Loadout ScarFab94 | Marines Force Recon Gear

Airsoft | Loadout ScarFab94 | Marines Force Recon Gear

Hello everyone and welcome to this first equipment Airsoft video presentation , commonly called a video Loadout. So in this video, I will introduce much of the whole material which is my outfits and I use to practice Airsoft.

Basically, it concerns all what I wear from head to foot. A second video Loadout will focus on everything concerning the replicas that I use. By watching this video, perhaps you will recognize pictures you saw on some sites, you will perhaps recognize some Americans Corps as Marines including Force Recon or Recon Battalions.

A priori, this is normal because it is something that I like a lot and I try to reproduce more or less well. This is indeed an inspiration. But far be it from me to say that it is kind of “reenactment”.

Here. I’m not a reenactor. Normally with what I said, I should be peaceful and avoid some remarks about consistency in the choice of equipment. Note that I have not buy all this in the last two weeks.

It’s been 8 years since I practice Airsoft and I focus a little on those Marines inspirations. So truce chat ! We’ll start with the big piece, namely vests ! Here the first vest and my latest acquisitions, a RBAV-SF for Releasable Body Armor Vest – Special Forces from BAE Eclipse in Coyote Brown.

This is a change, an update of the CIRAS from Eagle Industries. It is lighter, more functional and offers comfort superior to its wearer. So this vest with a thought for configuration when I play with my KSC GBBR, my M4A1.

We go now to my first acquisition in terms of vest : a CIRAS Land for Combat Integrated Releasable Armor System from Eagle Industries, and still in Coyote Brown. Here we have a configuration for the game with a M249 with Daytona kit.

This is a somewhat heavy jacket but offers unparalleled rigidity. Once inside, the Velcro well positioned and well settled, I said, it will not move over whatever you do, and it also allows the carriage of heavy object.

We end up with a duo : PACA for Protective Apparel Corporation of America and MBSS Plate Carrier from Allied Industries, a setup considered as lightly. Configuration that I use for the M4, or Kriss Vector HPA, or Shotgun.

In which case, I would add a pocket for the cartridges. Now the communications. To the left, a mixture of Toysoldier PRC and Sordin Maritime Kit. To the right a setup Radio / PTT / Headset from TRI brand.

Now the helmet, usable irrespective with all vest, regardless of the communication system. It seems important to always have one on the head … especially when tapped head against a pipe in a basement or that one receives a tornado grenade on the head at the bottom of a staircase.

If I take these two examples,that’s there is what I’ve lived. We remain in safety equipment with a series of eye protection from Oakley : goggles and mask. Gloves, hoods and neckband, which default to protect you from the cold, protect you of BBs.

My two CWU-27/P Flight Suit in TAN and OD. Outfits I wear less and less seen that there are more and more dude asking me why I come play in your pajamas. … It’s not a joke. It really happens. A first Crye Presicion FR Combat set, Shirt and Trouser , in Desert Marpat.

A second Propper Internationnal set in Woodland Marpat. A first First Line, I use a lot in game. It is quite complete and allows me to take the video hardware, keys, fabric to signal “OUT”, etc … A second, that I rarely use because it’s cumbersome.

Note that the pocket for the mask is missing here . Two good pairs of shoes for two periods. Besides that they do not allow the foot impaled on a nail… something that happens more than we think ! Finally, two Bag Kit from Allied Industries to be able to carry all this equipment in the field or to stock it! You have a false cartridge to give you an idea of the size of these bags.

So ! We’re done with the first part of this Loadout video. If you have any questions other than that like “do you sell this or that”, please ask. And I give you appointment early 2016 for part two of this Loadout !


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