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Airsoft Loadout Review

Airsoft Loadout Review

hey guys what’s up grp customs back here doing another review on hello no oh now I went to an army-navy store outlet today in Asheboro North Carolina and I just got a new things from loadout because i used to have like walmart BDU camo pants and they’re horrible so it’s concentrated stuff and i’m going to go over it today first I got a Vietnam style chest rig and the reason I got this is because it’s my gas blowback mags perfectly it fit in there this is basically a pistol mag so gets the job done next under that we have my meteor know my digital shirt with the black tan green on it same with the pants fit perfectly I’ll need a patch on here for Delta airsoft which is our local group that we go around players off and let me go to a field called extreme combat same pants of course in some pockets and then i got these baits military boots fit really comfortable and then i got these uh big socks keep me warm because it’s pretty cold here next we got be done of course i always carry around KJ works I guess pull that carbine replica over 22 carrying a leapers a call and Michael Emily 6-position stop and they mad cool V grip so I got in there and her glasses I have to have full steel at the field big-play so I got these and if you start foggin up I will generally switch to my mesh goggles that are actually a possible also and for secondary i’m running a elite force 1911 co2 blowback gun this thing is amazing on you want to check out review on these two guns here you can check out the link right here just click this link right here and it’ll go straight to our review of our video on these guns with in depth and there’s a watermark on it sorry for that we’re going to buy the full version is sixty dollars so when you save up for that so we don’t watermark anymore when you do way more features and we’re going to do the intro alright that’s him please comment rate and subscribe this grp customs out


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