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airsoft loadout/review

hello and welcome to another airsoft review this is thank you for listening to new off lower side entry okay let’s get start today I didn’t really like to show off my personal custom airsoft kit okay guys okay so this is the one that I use when I go airsoft pals with okay so everything I’m wearing right now is well aware i’m gonna go over a while I would do it ok so I’m going to start with the chest rig now this is my chest piece and it is good for airsoft because sometimes when you get charged doesn’t hurt his back but this is only one part of the second part is look like I’m neck warrior or transformer which is my favorite movie except wreck okay now on to my magazine mode up this is my baggy and this is how I carried it my my magazines ground so whatever I knew him having dinner my teammate his magazine there’s just some on and just get its own and keep pulling them out and so you need more cuz I keep blowing up teen magazines like I baguio full he is some ordinary go and it’s all good that’s why you carry big magazine ok got it write that down with a pencil [ __ ] okay now this is next party after our protection also you should have a spinny hat so if you get into a big fight but ok so now I’m going to move on to my actual airsoft equivalent so this is my airsoft m16 this super lightweight as you can see I took off all the parts you don’t need from of your airsoft m16 this is the safety at all and it makes sure that we put a magazine in that you could shoot it ok this is the bullet transmogrifier and it makes sure’s that on the gearbox is worth always gas blowback um this thing right here this um it’s a melee weapon and this is good for a really lightweight so I took a custom it cost over five thousand dollars I got a custom gearbox job to take everything off are you probably asking yourself right now what is this well I’m gonna tell you what this is is um it’s not a flashlight it’s a big secret it’s too big it’s a camera so guess what here’s the ok no guest do you get ok did you guess ok here’s the thing when I go to the next airsoft battle I’m gonna take a video of how I play airsoft with my light weight on equipment alright I’m going to talk more about my gun now so this gets on a little 100 FPS which is good but it’s good if you ever have an intruder you could shoot him so it’s good for a cell phone defense and it’s a really good soft been my dad bought it for me for Christmas last week and I would suggest if you have a Christmas that you buy 12 or a dad okay bye I [ __ ] break yo’self


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