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Airsoft Loadout (quick)

Airsoft Loadout  (quick)

hello airsofters me Ricky um just give a shout out to all the cats clip productions and number 14 of all just check out my brothers you wanna restart dude no so you might want to see this all this all day youtube videos coming over Anthony 10 the hell are more frequent well I got a custom-made AG airsoft gun um light works I want to try to camera a laser to I painted dusty camel let you can see ya plus some stress whether it it I use twenty thousand grit yeah so I guys this winter time again Washington at stake oh if you guys know any jobs hiring call me um you know just going through and then on the twenty-fifth we got a operation we got going through Milsom operation um downtown in Tacoma you’re going to go through and we get a big enough what city a building to see building a mainstream and it can be tight because they can have like how there’s an entity let’s go meet aight guys i mean if you got to see me she can get a shout out I’ll meant to you in my next song video yo um thank you that’s all it’s all metal tube sock got a large very tight but this thing is a pain in the butt to get the battery needle but anyway talk about that 25th Milsom I was just thinking like camera guy you know this oh yeah and I got a map pack you must Navy Seal and I got a working stroke which I can’t be able to get it right now but you know you know how it is behind the head should be on head and on what else oh heck it tight I like my gear whoa I like weights during some days ago when I hear my gear no just no just random stuff uh you guys check out Oh Kevin youtube videos yes no its my camera guys being funny here but yeah talking about that home Milsom the 25th of everybody it’s going tight because they got cqe they got night operations yup but I’m gonna have to change the visors to yell because be hard to see but the Milsom we’re going to go to building the building but I think some of the fat people they get a camp amount of candy factory they have and yeah the Candy’s gonna be in their silk which is gonna be crazy so I think here is gonna be stuffing their faces and they’re gonna get in grenada by me got my partner my partner my partner Oh Isaiah blush all right he’s part of the shark shapes oh and today’s episode is frosty it’s rusty but the lasagna pick all the cheese balls and Jesus delicious the grand show you it bag and greets can’t forget ingredients I hear sound gasps sugar I can in the mill some places a month I can just eat this one once I just in this and this will be my MRE meal just put it in a plastic bag when I’m hungry my map pack but you know it is what it is but can come see that high definition HD yeah check in the back look that’s it um oh and my mag don’t brief hey I only have one mag when I bought a whole bunch kind of sucks I think that’s gonna throw my kid and once again give a shout out to all the cab productions number one camp of them all the airsoft videos home videos and your best your a shout-out time that’s nice trick but yeah for that too kool Moe middle some I’ll see you guys out there I gotta see me we just make sure its child I’ll make sure to see you guys and this and there’s one idiot that the when I went there last year else out i rose my gun in there d shall mean arm alls I’m oh you know people don’t sleep don’t play fair but and I felt I broke my leg so this time I brought duct tape okay God have electrical tape list mag pouches and former college of pistol video a radio that works not no dummy rao’s bees Oh more mess from oly yeah that’s me premiere watch it so see you guys next time d


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