Home Airsoft Loadouts Airsoft Loadout Progression: Episode 4. My Gear Mid-Range Budget $400

Airsoft Loadout Progression: Episode 4. My Gear Mid-Range Budget $400

Airsoft Loadout Progression: Episode 4. My Gear Mid-Range Budget $400

hello everyone this is bingo airsoft here today and today we have another airsoft budget loadout this one is going to be a higher mid-range budget is more focus on that the tactical gear then the gun and so yeah the next few ones are going to be more focus on the tactical gear this one’s sort of my loadout so I’m fuck I’m focused on the tactical gear and I know a a crappy gun but this is my primary and I don’t have a secondary alright so this gun comes with a battery charger and a sling so it is good good to go straight out of the box and is very shape for all this is sort of backwards because um my last gun was like 170 and this is 103 so we brought that down 100 like seventy dollars reason why I’m focus more on my gear so my this is my chest rig right here so my chest rig can hold six magazines so it comes with one and so we’re going to get five and I am completely lost okay thank you we’re going to do box it it’s lacking a bit sorry and see if i could find it I think it’s a stock yeah out of stock at the moment it is out of stock at the moment this is my thing is what I have five of these all right so can’t really do anything on that so add it to my wish list since I can add it to cart and can I get my knee pads sorry guys I’m tired it at night so I do have kneepads just because I hate kneeling on that BB’s and rocks because I play out over so Neil on rocks and it hurts when I go into a building and I kneel down like you like em straight on my now down straight on babies okay so now that we have that and gun and stuff you know and then mags are prolly not too so make you like to 10 so I’m going to see if I could find my mask if it’s not out of stock here it is I like this mask because it will not fuck it and does not scratch so I is a lot my gear more than anything else I’ve I had four hundred dollars four dollars i’m only at like 350 so i can get babies and most likely my parts not really gonna look your size might as well oh they read it at my size in stock sorry guys I had to pause the video for a minute and so they do not have my size let’s talk so I’m just gonna go ahead and do this it’s not my size I have very long life but I like these pants because they have these side pockets and deep pockets by your ankles and the normal pockets and back pockets so you have lots of pockets and you can put kneepads inside of here but i do not do that alright so I’m added to the cart and so yup that’s still not even 100 it’s like oh yeah yeah that’s 300 yeah i can get the rest of my stuff in alright so i also have a little sigh prevail but i’d rather have this I wrap this around my neck so I I don’t want to get shot and neck it does not hurt and then my shirt did I where I got from the BOP vs team 3 game which is see if i could find it and it’s out of socks i have this one this one that’s this one i have this one right here but I don’t have to get the exact shirt do I go ahead and do this one ahead shirt I guess I’ll do Dan because my whole load understand you I can get ahead because I always were ahead alright so finally after 11 minutes and 11 seconds we have it done so we’re still coming in at under 400 oh you’re at doesn’t reach morning then we’re not done because I still have one more thing they’re surprising mine looks nothing like it but I have a backpack that was pretty much the price of it alright so still coming in at under four hundred dollars so gloves now we are close to 400 all right it’s supposed to be just under four words alright so there we go our at 380 i’ll post all this in the description oh and i use my backpack for my hydration carrier and to carry an extra back Vivi’s and like a knife flashlight and other stuff like that i use the side pouches for columns and the middle pouch or my ted rack on my chest so that’s just the uses of these different things on why i get them my backpack is a lot slimmer basically take this and cut in half that is mine and it is blue so alright see ya


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