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Airsoft Loadout, plus new gear

Airsoft Loadout, plus new gear

today loadout video from ourselves I got some new stuff and we go here something so one on record but I don’t want you guys to see my new gear quiddity what did you get that stuff was see a different stuff so i’m sure you guys when actually less that book anyway so i’m going to do a little top but anyway so let’s start off with my helmet or my head where I use a helmet I have the ledger technical fact I love this thing is really good and I recommend anyone plan on buying you only buy this really good price and it’s really good there’s other stuff out there but this is probably the best e so I have some stuff on it obviously customization themselves so just talk so my camera which kicks in the camera right now that’s why it makes me but I do it this like this way because I mean this is the for now hope you get something on the side right here I’ll figure something out but yeah so my airsoft GI the integrity shield their soft jazz where I get all my stuff it’s a really good website to buy or sell stuff online I recommend you go in there good website good prices shipping some good sales next so also that’s cool but I just think she looks cool ok moving on to the most important thing in airsoft you can compare anything else because in each other you have shown the head back to know where nears battles website so that goes i chose the ledge tactical CA 201 t airsoft safety safety goggles basic down the street name off so you see like it i just dropped it if you see me like it by you know the name so this is the one you showed us not Oh officer my classical put our contacts it makes me a lot better foreign contacts on the squeamish see thankfully I wasn’t recording anyway so now I got these pretty good they’re just something achievement they work good what’s better what else pink or airsoft recycling it anyway yes but I pair those with a face sheet with a lower fascia and I place he could be now the horrible horrible horrible idea to go cqb without facebook entry to suck anyway I choose the bravo strikes steal half faced measurements and choose the mesh because it’s breathable obviously I don’t want one of those ones it’s just full face mask breathing that’s really not gonna help but yeah for these now this is just one I got just to get one at the beginning because it doesn’t form that one the goggles but I’m getting a different one that has like it’s like face and ear protection for sure does e talking about just fits better with the goggles i know it does cuz I’m a friend buzz glass the exact same goggles and he has that kind of face mask and fix me yeah I do it yourself I’m safe so this is great I recommend if you’re looking for your first bike carrier first a good sheet of clay carrier ex-con so I’ll show you know I like it it looks next airsoft GI on two teeth teeth but um and trucks my not I have the I’d really like ng yeah get the job done yeah these are broken in features a just put the f knives in obviously has huge gift so yeah so I got nice pair of mechanics mechanics and really cool and the others any lip mechanics dexterity is nice and all the shot knuckle really hurts you if it’s ever happening but it hurts a lot so and I saw the Easter and I was looking for a pair of hard knuckles but in a blue stock sadly but not April eyes so I got these they kind of are kind of draw the line in between Cardinals and Kennex protection carnival so how much next area both hey next I chose it because battle boats yes I got this I’m sorry just but I thought the Condor babe shemagh that’s ten black everybody utilization is awesome and I think looks cool eventually the black kind of accent makes so also down now the clothing of where should I don’t have any yet so I so I just wear khakis and it just worked in swear like a white shirt so I’m sure you’ve seen some wish I did cool slide compete so yeah I didn’t like it solidly I need knee pads now so I got the ledge tackle elbow and knee pad said yours I got there probably never shoots weapons any ok start with guns so and I have trash on down stop I’m sure you about this little friend this is buying stock idea 20 TV yes much more anyway clear and I have a lot of shotgun shells shotgun they’ll have a high capacity mag but yeah so with that ad with my new plate carrier i can finally should i bought this way before i was going to text you felt so amazing no i mean you can you get this sweetie personal preference also kind of shopping that’s what so I chose this looks good config each other sure all of you who’ve watched the video i posted saw at least this much I recommend anyone who wants to get looking for a cheap good SMG that’s battery just because gasps that’s the low too confusing people trying to get into a new kind just don’t want amazon for this because it’s only hundred dollars I thanks for cheap yeah it’s really good I mean there’s no rails to starter so really good four hundred dollars if you use this for years if you need but it’s obviously a starter if you want to get into the field short gun yes sure special privileges for the birthday boy I just have this just for night games just have so yeah that’s I forget something so I mean I won’t even show you what I’ve old you’ll just see it some other times so yeah if you like the video please for like if you have any concerns just say something say hi to me or whatever it’s supposed to call me so yeah like comment subscribe that stuff so so good deal out of the day guess


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