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Airsoft Loadout : Pauly – Seraphim Airsoft

Airsoft Loadout : Pauly – Seraphim Airsoft

hey guys I’m Paulie I was Sarah from airsoft this my loadout I let’s start my beats we got my wooden beads they’re good for hunting and i use it for airsoft these my Swiss Army OD green knee pads and I love them and today I’m going with the digi acu’s this is my sister’s rest I used a lot of spray paint to get it to kind of give it more of a real feel to it and yeah I love it and of course got the Seraphim patch it’s always important I got this black tactical bungee sling and its really loose got my heart enough gloves or voodoo tactical and they work great then I got my poly special headband and just keep sweat out of my eyes and keeps my hair out of my face I got my save face mask it’s the fiery school high now let’s talk about the weapons is my Caspian 1911 I love the color it’s dead accurate is my jgs system and am I be heavy for a little kid but it’s pretty good for me but you guys check out my loadout you guys want to subscribe to sirf mera soft click this box


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