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Airsoft loadout out 2016

Airsoft loadout out 2016

all right so I just want to make a little video after YouTube because we really don’t have anything going right now going on lap gameplay up tomorrow said yeah I’m start off with my battle belt I think it’s a condor battle bell let’s have them a dump pouch then right here have one Glock 19 out of carry every time I play in my whole strip you can see I painted it myself so that’s that put that over there next I have my have my GoPro I don’t have it on this one using up now for y’all to see it but yeah well I just want a pink mesh mask with the Lance tactical goggles and I have a blends I have like the f10 cleared and then like the yellow let’s look really good outside games and I had a beanie could you move and then I go for a meal you have to light yeah I go for milk it’s just the head when i used to i just got rid of my home yesterday and I had my pistol holders for my Glock and my smog really like this and maybe going to my bag I got the plants tactical gear bag get your hat soundly yeah yep I just I picked up an echo 1 egg the other day and then also added today I got me a move stop Adam gotta take smell things are awesome I got the hot cat just regular Hawk out that irregular bit acid mags they’re on to cons are greedy ass around the what’s elite for screen guests with now just shrug them up bring guess but then I run daily for Stevie’s to that works very well I want you use any other gas or bb’s accepte tak course but I don’t have any right now i’ll be getting one more tomorrow from barrio play next move on to my gun alright guys this looks very ghetto no but i’ll have doubles on tape every 10 fix it so i got the a in lot with all the different filters and then I did this myself don’t see it or not but I’ll see those lights yeah put LEDs inside so valcon bottle l.

a really like it I just ordered a jack system for it and then I got me do suppressor so that’s really see I’m not getting everything up today but that’s just one with it so yeah thanks please liking sure


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