Home Airsoft Loadouts Airsoft loadout – Multiland / Defcon 5 Recon Loadout setup #2 2017

Airsoft loadout – Multiland / Defcon 5 Recon Loadout setup #2 2017

Airsoft loadout – Multiland / Defcon 5 Recon Loadout setup #2 2017

Hello everybody it’s Vasriotaep That was a while I had to make this video, here is my Loadout V2 Recon! A very light weight setup, perfectly adapted to airsoft I really tried to optimized and reduce the weight at the maximum, let’s go First, the pants It’s a BDU (or ACU in fact) from Defcon 5 in Multiland Defcon 5 is fidel to its reputation, I use it since many years It’s indestructible, and even color stay very well It’s an ideal pants for airsoft Obviously, it has large cargo pouch to put yellow fabric in case you are hit It has pouch here to put knee protection like that I don’t use it all the time but if you want, you can, it’s nice My shoes are Salomon XA Pro 3D Mid Forces I didn’t choose high mount version because I want to use them for other activities than airsoft They are very good, don’t hesitate to invest on good shoes! My favorite feature on these shoes is the quick lace This magic feature allow me to close my shoes very easily Just pull the strip and then store it on the little pocket This is very nice The pants belt is still the same than the last loadout, the Velcro Belt from Defcon 5 in Multiland It’s still perfect because thank to the velco, I can ajust it perfectly for my waist And no metal parts which could hurt me when I move The tactical shirt, it’s a new one! I choose the new Defcon 5 tshirt, still in Multiland, the full camo shirt And of course the new is entirely camouflaged It’s very confortable Even in the summer, it’s very confortable Of course the shirt is still very solid, it’s a very good fabric! And something nice, you can put some camouflage velcro patch on arms The only big mistake is that you can’t adjust sleeves with velcro but with buttons, not accurate It’s very bad, maybe I will customize it one day But regarding the quality of the shirt, it’s not a big deal For the holster, I use like the last loadout a belt But I use now a better belt, less heavy It’s a cheap one, don’t use your money for that And for the holster, it’s a IMI (IWI) It’s very know as good holster, rock solid Very easy to use with the drop leg platform which hold his position very well I can’t find a better platform than this one It was black but I painted it for a kind of green color, more discret It’s a very good holster, the only problem is the holster can rotate if you don’t tight it enough Easy to fix with thread lock or double face tape For the harness, Defcon 5 and Multiland again of course For me it’s the best combo for airsoft, light weight and confortable It’s basicaly a belt with a harness if you have to carry something heavy You can just use the belt, the harness is amovible It’s really excellent You can attach all kind of Molle pouches I use kind of HSGI mag pouches (cheap) I took them on Taiwan gun, they have a very good retention! If they can hold my G5 mags which are very heavy, no problem for any other mags Of course you have to ajust them and they will make the work perfectly For a cheap pouch, it’s perfect As I use a Kimera grenade, I also use a Fast Bang, which allow me to carry and drop my grenade very easily For the radio, a basique Defcon 5 pouch in multiland Still Defcon 5/Multiland, I use a utility pouch for carry my phone, my keys, etc, it’s very useful For empty mag, I use a Defcon 5/Multiland drop mag pouch It works perfectly since many years without problem, it’s very useful too Small detail but big difference, I shown you this product in a video review few month ago The Strike Industries Sling Catch! It’s a small product which avoid to hurt the neck with the sling, it’s really nice for the shoulder It’s not expensive and highly recommended What else on my belt?? You can see a snap hook which allow me to carry my gloves when I don’t use them I was already close to lost them so when I don’t want to wear them So as I said, I use Kimera grenade so here is my Kimera JR2.

5 It’s a small grenade pretty effective This is not the stock pin, this is a more secure pin. A friend in the police gave me it For the radio, I use a T80 Motorola, easy and work well Just be sure of the connexion with the headset first For the PTT I chose this model, mainly because it’s really flat Like this, I’m sure I don’t press the button by error, which is pretty unconfortable for other players For gloves, I still use the Defcon 5 Jungle They are very not common, we usually see very heavy glove, but they are very light weight The palm protection is very good But the other face of the hands is not protected at all.

But I don’t care They have small screen-friendly fabric on two fingers, they don’t work very well but it’s enough for me too And as I’m talking about gloves, if you can, use a watch when you play! Timer is often used on game Bomb plant, medic, back in game.

.. It’s a question of fair play, we all try to respect rules, but use a watch is the best way to respect timer set up by admins The head now! For glasses, I don’t use my little 5€ glasses from rsov I now use Venture gear from Pyramex With rose glasses, very nice I absolutely not regret to buy them, they are solid and esthetic! It’s really a good stuff For the mask, nothing amazing, I use a Stalker but I cut it to adjust the shape to my face I have opened sides to aim without be annoyed by the gun I also opened the upper of the mask to wear a mask if I want And better, I put here some snaps It’s really usefull when I want to talk, to dring, to eat etc It’s something I will sell during end 2017/2018 Anyway, it’s a stalker mask I like 🙂 For the cap, multiland and Defcon 5 again, a classic cap Do the job perfectly I put a Batman patch, because I’m.

.. The cap is solid and the color stay a long time, no problem For the Headset, I use a Liberator 2 from Ztac I’m mid-satisfied with this one I like the look and it’s confortable, you can easily adjust the retention But first, the strap is too long, I had to tighten it a lot He should increase low sound around me And yes I hear low sound But it cuts high sound to much And the sound render is not amazing I use it more for the look than for the radio Or for its function of amplifier For guns, my secondary is still my old PX4 WE After many years, it still works perfectly I just changed the hopup rubber, magazines lips, this kind of thing I still use optic fiber sights which are really nice I use a one or two points string depending of the gun It’s really easy to use with the gun Near the shoulder so easy to shoulder It’s easy to put in my back and take my pistol And I can get my pistol very naturally It’s the best sling solution for me With the sling catch, it’s the winning combo And of course, my main gun, the GHK G5 with the SRU Bullpup kit It’s the best GBBR, light weight, reliable, compact.

Just heavy mag It’s a versatile gun It’s the best, but obviously I don’t only play with it It’s my favorite gun for play Well, the video is over, like always I hope you liked it, don’t hesitate to comment, share and like Ask questions and I will try to answer you I have many Defcon5 new products to show you See you soon!


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