Hi I’m Hugo Monteiro from BESTA Airsoft and i’m here to show you my RAL7013 and multicam tropic loadout Starting with my primary today i didin’t put the law demanding paint because it looks better Starting at the back.

.. I have a CTR replica stock. Here i have a T1 from Aim-o An AN-PEQ from FMA with green laser and flashlight a common flashider here a hand stop from G&G and this one from another brand Moving to the internals I have a JBU high torque motor a V2 TITAN mosfet that i recommend a lot i also have the 12:1 ultra high speed gears from G&G Prometheus flat hop rubber and.

.. An airsoft pro red hop up chamber it’s the purple hop up rubber by the way and this was my primay weapon Moving to the helmet it’s an ops core replica from emerson here a rhino mount for my NVG a patch here and another on the front a night evolution helmet light with 3 lights red, white and IR My earmor headset in fooliage green My ms2000 with an internal powerbank for my camera and here my hellstar with red, white and ir light and here my team ID for the helmet cover its from OPS tactical in multicam tropic and it’s real crye multicam and that’s all For the multicam tropic plate carrier i went with OPS tacical it’s the easy plate carrier very comfortable and light despite not having pads inside it’s still very comfotable, i barely notice it moving to what’s on the PC my TUC for my primary i also have here.

.. an IR lightstick and the ptt for the earmor on the front instead of having pouches i chose to have the easy rig from OPS that attaches to the PC by swift clips and if i want to use just the chest rig it’s another option that i have.

So it’s a 2 in 1 the easy rig has… 4 magazine pouches that i put kydex in 2 general pouches on the front in it i have a multitool and my radio on this side i have a medic pouch from templar’s gear with some trauma scissors and IFAK and here another general pouch also from templar’s gear with several stuff in it on the back i have a hydration pouch from templar gear it’s the medium size it has several zipper and compatiments and in it have my hydration bladder from source 1 LT and i can put more stuff in it like food and other stuff that i may need on the field and this is my plate carrier The belt is from OPS tactical it’s cobra belt with D ring Here are the fast mag pouches from templar gear very nice for quick reloads they are single not double the dump pouch is also from templar it has this velcro for a quick deployment very nice for the holster.

.. because there aren’t lot of option on tropic i went with and OD holster from warrior it’s universal it accepts lot’s of different models we already did a review of it if you didint saw it go check it out it enables for a quick draw inside is another velcro belt that is included when you buy this one so you don’t have to buy it after it’s a nice solution for belt system and that’s all For uniform in our team we’ve been buying clawgear it’s high grade material, very professional we also made a review about this model the color is RAL7013 it´s a very versatile color you can really play with it with other gear it’s a good camo for various cenarios it’s goes well with several equipment the combat shirt is the Operator it’s great for more details go see our review the gloves i went with black i chose to use some gear in black these are the mechanix original they don’t give much protection but they are great they allow great dexterity and are resistant i’m happy for choosing this model the pants.

.. they are also from clawgear in RAL 7013 they are the MK IV raider with the famous robocop kneepads that help us protect our knees from falls or when we have to go more close to the ground and like with the combat shirt we also did a review all the details are there and you can seem them in that video the boots are the asolo fugitive GTX they are great boots they have gore tex vey comfortable with toe protection the are mid height so you can some water no problem and like a guy from my team says it’s what “they” wear so this is another review about another loadout that we have on the team hope you liked it see you next time.


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