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Airsoft Loadout Multicam Tropic B02 Nunes [ Gear Overview ] [Legendas PT]

Airsoft Loadout Multicam Tropic B02 Nunes [ Gear Overview ] [Legendas PT]

hi guys I’m noon gp0 – from best airsoft team and this is my multicam tropical Adama so guys starting with my primary this is a systemic bTW cqbr I have here my Magpul CTR stock replica here for an optic am using the sightmark QD reflex sight very nice on the front I have my gene PD ball and here I have my knight evolution m300 scalp light for the rail I’ve put the Troy alpha rail very nice very low-profile and here I have made a custom sibling job on my grip very nice also and for the sling I’m using the Faro concepts linkster and multicam and here I have my pin for my tactical Universal clip internally I put a Oregon Magnus hop-up and I have a rewind motor by dips this is a guy here in Portugal that does some work for pity that was so shout out for him and this is my primary weapon so guys moving to my lid this is a ops core replica from Emerson it has the you are tactical cry multicam tropic cover here on this side I have a knight evolution helmet light with red light white light and IR light here I have my culture room to to record my gameplay record those kills here on the back I have the fake MS mm stroke where I put extra batteries and an extra memory card for my country Rome Here I am two V lights running blue money red for night games and here on the top I have a meta strobe from FMA with green strobe and IR strobe and this is my lid so my headset it’s from ops Minh it’s an ear more m32 a really nice quality budget headset recommend it to lots moving to my plate carrier this is GPC 2.

0 a replica from Rasputin in multicam tropic here on the top I have my base for my testicle Universal clip here I have my PTT for my ear more and holding the PTT it’s a pharaoh concepts PTT holder a very nice piece of kit so and on the front I have attached heavy strategically free Chester II and multicam which are clipped in the Swift clips from velocity systems here I usually use my my I put my flashlight here a multi-tool on this to general the pouches I usually run grenades here my carabiner from my electrical tape and my gloves and I usually run four mags moving to the back I’m using the mini-map replica from TMC it’s a very nice spec made specifically for the GBC and inside I have my hydration bladder from source and I also have my ball pen radio which is a very nice quality budget radio for airsoft for my first line I’m using the bulldog tactical OD green belt bulldog it’s a company from UK very nice with the budget tactical material here on the side I have the warrior assault systems Universal holster which unit I have my Glock 17 from Tokyo Marui almost everyone from our team uses Glock 70s from Tokyo Marui it’s a very nice brand very reliable and accurate on the back here I am a general-purpose pouch which I keep medical supplies if I need or valium I also needs it here I have my dump pouch and here are my ESS tech Huey’s for my magazines from my Glock 17 and here I have my safety linear just for looks so guys moving to my uniform on the top I’m using the 5 eleventy do green rapid assault shirt very nice for the price ideal for airsoft on my wrist I have the warrior salt systems wrist pouch ideal for using maps or the kind of information that you need on the field very practical and for gloves are using the pig food dexterity multicam gloves very nice also so guys for pants I’m using the you are tactical crime multicam pants very nice it’s a replica from gen 3 it has this very hard kneepads very nice and also this stretch fabric so that you can bend your legs more easily and you have more freedom of movement so guys Footwear I’m using the sole boots these ones are getting a little bit older but the more comfortable they get these Salomon is one of the best brands of boots out there and I recommend them a lot so guys hope you enjoyed this video if you have any questions just put on the comment section below see you next time you


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