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Airsoft Loadout – Matt D (2013)

Airsoft Loadout – Matt D (2013)

all right you guys requested this so here it is this is my load up video starting with the headgear we have a Lancer tactical PGA fast helmet in foliage green and the goggles that I have chosen to wear our Boogie regulator goggles by Smith Optics obviously there and smoke gray and the mask that I’ve chosen to wear is a matrix iron face mask and if you put the matrix iron face mask over the top of the goggles it actually provides a really good face protection and also I’m wearing just a few condor recon raps alright so let’s start to talk about my vesting gear real quick I do apologize for the vertical cam but it is the only way you could get the backpack invest in the shot speaking of which the vest is a condor hydration vest and the backpack is a condor medium assault pack as for the pouches I’ve decided to put on my vest on the left side we have two double stack and four mag pouches which in case my to thunder be grenades as you can see right there and actually these are a great option for holding thunder B grenades right above them I have two kwa m1911 mag pouches for my 1911 and on the right side here we have a triple double stack and four mag pouch they can hold up to six of my m4 magazines moving on in my belt starting on the right side we have my g-code Kydex holster which encases my kwa m1911 and as you can see right here has a little hood on it that holds it into place make sure it doesn’t fall out on the left side we have my condor dump pouch and there’s nothing really too special about the dump pouch I mean it’s just a regular dump pouch but it’s kind of nice if anyone’s looking to take one up I’d recommend it and lastly on the back of my belt we have my kayaks knife sheath that holds my cold steel training knife and on the knife itself I put a little paracord on it just to make it look cool moving on to my last pieces of gear on my knees we have to hatch kneepads and my boots are under armor Val sets boots alright so next we’re gonna be talking about my primary weapon the VFC Scarl as you can tell it’s in black and the reason for that is because I wanted something that could get OD green and black so I can have it blend in with my environment on the top there with an aim sports ACOG scope and other than that the only real attaches I’ve put on there are an angled four grip and some Magpul rail guards as well as it’s like attachment point and on stop there put some paracord alright guys my loadout video hopefully you enjoyed found some kind of useful maybe you learned some let me know what do you guys think my vest comments down below you think I make some improvements to it and you like what I’m doing let me up also if you got any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section down below and I’ll get back to it as soon as I can so once again


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