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Airsoft Loadout/ Kit Review 2015 – A11

Airsoft Loadout/ Kit Review 2015 – A11

hey guys this is task force grizzly and today I’m going to be going over my primary weapon system and my loadout so starting with my gun the base model is a vfc hk417 I’ll just kind of go over it from front to back here and just to make things easy on the front I have a 5-inch replica CAC suppressor it actually has full minute so it has dampening capabilities I have a contour roam to for my gun camera and on a popsicle Picatinny mount for the counter camera I have a CAC flip up sight the Bravo functioning pet box has the light and laser combo I have maple x TM rail covers and a hat make bulb ladder rail covers both in black I have the EOTech XPS replica and then I had the Magpul rail sling adapter for my mega mystery sling the gun internally has nothing done to it okay so now I’m going to be going over my loadout I’ll split it up into three parts my head my second line and then I go over my first line okay so now I’m going to go over my helmet set up my helmet is kind of unique in the way it’s set up but we’ll get to that in a bit first I have a colored American flag patch on the right side I have a PVC multicam American flag patch on the left and then I have to push button lights I can read maps and stuff in the dark and now my camera set up I have a GoPro hero2 with a wire running through the helmet cover to an external battery it’s an anchor 9600 milliamp battery these are pretty cool because they they charge when you shake them so while I’m running through the field it constantly charged my GoPro and I have that sitting in a blue force gear a single m4 mag pouch it fits really snug and I just attach the velcro to the back to get to stick to the helmet I have an EOD patch on the back and then I have spray-painted my GoPro helped GoPro housing in tan in case of my eye Pro I custom fitted a mesh mask onto my doggles I just attach it with some wire and a little bit of glue I usually just run this over the back of my helmet it kind of helps keep it nice and snug to my face so it doesn’t move around and then for neck protection I have a condor recon wrap it’s nice because you can keep it wet keeps you cool on a hot day and it protects you from bee bee stings on the on the neck okay so now I’m going to be going over the my chest area for my low dog so my shirt to start is the 5-11 combat shirt it’s a size small I have the top for airsoft store patch a reverse tan PVC American flag and another tan PVC American flag and then an HK airsoft patch my rig itself is the condor sentry play carrier in multicam I have a condor triple stacker m4 mag pouch holds six Meg’s each one is held in by its own Bungie I run primarily kwa 120 round mid caps they all look different colors because it helps me remember where I’m at on ammo it’s like remember how many Meg’s I have left I have a Magpul ms3 sling I have an American flag patch the Geronimo eki a patch and then glow-in-the-dark fun patch so my back panel I have a voodoo tactical hydration carrier with a Spartan PVC patch I have this a condor GP pouch to keep batteries BB’s Alan screwdrivers in there even snacks on longer game and then next to that I just have a contacts banger holster I usually carry smoke grenades in that for my teammates so my first line set up is a condor Rigger’s belt that’s run through a generation one battle belt this is a little bit thicker I like it gets a little bit more padded but it is a little bit wider so if you decided to get one keep that in mind I have a double m4 mag pouch and a single m4 mag pouch this mag is the mag that I like to start the game with and then these two with the black mag pulls signifies my last two Meg’s so I know that I’m just about out of ammo on the back I have a tan dump pouch and on the back right side I have condor radio pouch but instead of having a radio I chose my barrel sleeve and my dead rag and then this side of my belt is empty because I plan on getting a pistol soon and I want to just save room for a holster now my pants are the Emerson generation 3 combat pants in multicam they have the air flex and knee pads built in they’re really comfortable a lot of fun adjustment points and a lot of pockets you


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