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Airsoft LoadOut Kit “Blackie Greenson”

Airsoft LoadOut Kit “Blackie Greenson”

what’s going on You Tube You Know Who I am you know what this is well maybe don’t I’m Dallas 46 you’re watching the intrigue airsoft got a skirmish game tomorrow here in Kansas City with center mass airsoft CMA check them out link in the description if you’re in the Kansas City area they host really nice woodland / kind of speed ball type filled games really fun really intense really fast moving lots of trigger time i recommend it center mass airsoft there it is uh so anyways what i always do and i know it’s kind of a nerdy thing to do what if you know i’m playing toy guns call me out if you want uh I like to throw on all my gear and then take it off piece by piece and stow it back away or lay it out so I know exactly what I need in the morning and I’m not getting on the field oh my gosh [ __ ] where’s my speed loader where’s you know I don’t want to forget anything so I always do a little test run the night before it real quick now you know my secret all right across the bear I call this the blackie green Sun look all right we’re in all black black top black pants green everything else ok so let’s go over real quick you know I got my green bump helmet here I’ve got a little uh Midland 720 high-def action cam there nobody had with me multiple cameras on recording with right now with me capture a little bit of that sweet who’s the city open play action on film um so let’s get into it yeah bump helmet nothing special not the fancy there really it’s genuinely nothing special it’s a generic skate helmet I velcroed and decked out tacked it all out that’s it all right i got my voodoo tactical tinted goggles that i bought down at operation rebel yell last month they’re dark it’s going to be kind of overcast tomorrow kind of cold i think they’re calling for like a high of maybe around 50s or so so I know if these are going to work too well unpack couple backup pairs of goggles just to be safe taking old trusty with me here take my Viper and board I like this thing man it sounds good sounds crisp you know it’s just an assault little gun I like it it’s good big fan you know it’s got the range it’s got the feet per second I have no complaints about it and obviously I like it enough that I’m going to take it out for an open play tomorrow I’m also taken my lancer attack gun to actually filled that one and get some some field testing out on the see how it performs I’ve never got it out in out and actually used so that’ll be interesting what else nice little just like the 2025 dollar OD green Condor chest rig if you don’t have one of these things I know they’re not super high speed or anything let’s just a crisscross back nice padded shoulder straps on it’s got two three double nine patch on front two utility pouch on side some space behind the utility pouches as you can see here that’s where I stuff my my USP alright my co2 USP like that big fan of that co2 so you know this colder weather it’s going to form a little bit better than green gas what else man um little woodland Campbell back on the back you know you carry extra bb’s water obviously whatever else you need some snacks tactical beef jerky I can’t see it on my leg here but well maybe Kim got a little green dump pouch on the side it’s one of the square form dump pouch it’s not that it’s not kind of soft when that rolls out anything is not roly-poly it’s the actual formed one it’s got the elastic lips on it holds a magazine they’re real nice you know you get three or four metal mags in there and that’s about where tops out at before you gotta stop stuffing on that because you put that weight on your leg OH starts around his run to the field obviously got my green pilot gloves aviator gloves legit good to go through a green patch big fan of this black shirt this is the old voodoo tactical combat shirts that’s I don’t know if there’s any spec special versions or any identification out there but this is my personal insight on this boot attack when I first came out these voodoo excuse me these tax shirts you know these combat shirts that are meant to be worn under vest you know it’s got the velcro pockets all over it cotton in the middle little mock turtleneck really nice calm down though the version ones are nice the cuts nice they got the length to them doesn’t feel weird in the shoulders notices predates the new virtual new generation the Voodoo tat combat sure if it’s got the actual zipper that runs up and down the side of your velcro clock here on the sleeve I like the old versions I don’t know if they want with new manufacturer if they’re cutting costs are that you know they got their productions changed the cut of material has changed and I hate to say it but the new voodoo tactical combat shirts hate them hate on the cut of the material is awful they’re too short they feel weird and restricted in the shoulder movement just not a fan if you can find old one you know have your surplus store if they still got some old stock the blue to tech shirts if it doesn’t have the zipper on the velcro sleep pockets it’s good to go if it does that’s the new ones this is just my opinion I’m ver guy you know I got some kind of broad shoulders I need some good shoulder movement and also i need a the lengths to cover my beer gut and the new the new voodoo tech combat shirts don’t offer that love my old black when i’m glad i picked it up i wish i would have known that they’re going to change manufacturers or whatever they did change your specs on these casella picked up more of these in every color before they did the changes in alterations to the new ones that you can find out there now so that’s the only gripe about that everything else i’m good to go stoked you’ll have some fun oh yeah green schmuck let’s go play airsoft


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