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Hi everybody You’ve asked for a loadout, so here it is Check video description for the kit list Here we go I wear a black SWAT suit It is like a sublayer My movements are a little limited when fully equiped I wear black boots with zippers, to save time They are comfortable and reinforced on the toes I wear a black one hole balaclava I wear black comfortable tactical gloves I wear a pair of riot shin guards To gain in size, I wear another pair of shin guards I cut them to only keep the shin part And then I add knee pads I wear a set of custom protections made of foam and lycra fabric, fully hand sewed It’s made of a belt Pelvic protection and two thigh protections The first vest is a flyye armor chassis I covered it with black lycra fabric as I could not find it in black I removed the hydrapack to put another that fits better The other one bumped in the head when wearing the second set of protection It’s a black hydrapack from flyye Having a good hydrapack is critical when wearing this suit I also added a molle plate carrier The front part is attached to the tactical vest The back part is attached to the hydrapack I wear another belt with to G36 pouches they are directly sewed to the belt, to prevent them from moving The belt is also attached to the tactical vest I wear a MP5 modular drop leg magazine pouch on the left I attach it with wire as the molle is too small I wear a custom MP5/MP7 Holster on the right The main protection is like a hardened poncho It’s based on an RRV tactical vest On the front, I attached stuff like double M4 pouch, quadruble pistol mag pouch with four fake 40 mm grenades another pouch that can contain six 40 mm grenades Two fake smoke grenades The bell, only weak point of the suit The bell can be moved on varuous places, to change the game Two M249 ammobox pouches directly attached to the custom back plate Some details about the custom parts Two sets of shoulder protections Back plate And two sets of minervas Everything is attached together with wire The helmet is a Draxtar P-104 ith custom face protection and an integrated custom cooling system I attached a cheap NVG mount on the helmet I wear riot arm guards (same set as the shin guards) I added some foam to make it look bigger More details about the custom parts Foam (24 kg density) Black lycra fabric Black thread Wire to give a shape to the shoulder parts eyelets and a good needle If you have any question, please leave a comment.See you


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