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AIRSOFT LOADOUT: Ghillie Sniper and Assault (Silverback SRS Covert, Tokyo Marui MK23)

AIRSOFT LOADOUT:  Ghillie Sniper and Assault (Silverback SRS Covert, Tokyo Marui MK23)

How’s it going airsofters? I finally got around to doing a loadout video to show you guys the kit and equipment and the replicas I’m gonna be using in 2019 those of you that familiar with my channel with know that I usually have two different playstyles an assault class and sniper class, so first up let’s take a look at the assault class let’s start at the bottom and take a look at my boots so I’ve had these Lowa at GTX Z8S now for about a year and previously I’ve had several pairs of cheaper boots where I’d gone home at the end of the day I’ve had soaking wet cold feet and there’s nothing worse than having cold and wet feet again I’ve invested some money in these Lowas they weren’t cheap but I think Footwear is one of the most important things that you take to airsoft with you and these kept me nice warm dry and comfortable throughout the whole day so next up let’s take a look at my trousers these are Clawgear they’re in a CCE camouflage pattern I love the style of these knee pads they bolt on the through pants on too the below pads The UBACS is just the cheap Chinese branded one from Amazon I bought it just because I like the style of it my helmet is an FMA FAST style helmet with a ONETIGRIS cover on top my eye protection are a revision shadow strike ballistic rated glasses my mask is a division six t’Farge These days my Plate Carrier of choice is a Warrior Recon in OD it’s a modular plate carrier so undo a couple of clips front panel comes off you can put on different front panels for different weapon loadouts this configuration I have it is suitable for my evo and my 416 and it’ll hold six of each mags two in the front four in the back and you have two pouches for pistol mags or whatever else you like there’s also plenty of molle spare on the side and the back should you wish to add additional pouches the gloves I use are mechanix impacts I also use a crye precision mrb modular riggers belt this holds my holster my hi-capa and a utility pouch dump pouch so this is a hook and loop style so I’ve got the inner belt on already through the loops in my trousers this goes over the top there’s no way that’s gonna fall down so let’s move on and take a look at my replicas back start let’s have a look at my sidearm this is my tokyo marui 4.

3 hi-capa it’s been a reliable sidearm that for many years people often ask me what modifications I’ve done to it well at present I’m running it totally stock and it just works so well so reliable very efficient on gas in the winter time and that lives in a GCode holster which is super fast and super safe New to my armoury this year is a Secutor Velites sv a lovely feel to the pump probably the best I’ve felt on any spring airsofts shotgun previous to this I had the plastic model I’ve just upgraded to the metal version isn’t she a looker then we have one of my all-time favorites the ASG scorpion evo this one here is the 2018 model which has some revisions to the gearbox and other internal components externally I’m running a G&P suppressor which fits on without the use of the Adapter a vortex crossfire red dot and a pts foregrip which allows me to store my scopecam batteries inside it at the moment my evo is internally totally stock reason number one because I don’t want to void the warranty ASG give with this awesome replica number two is because these things work so well out of box anyway they haven’t seen the need to any change anything it this is my tokyo marui hk416 probably my favourite aeg that i’ve ever owned with the best aegs on ever owned externally this thing has a Dytac 10.

5 inch REM rail with a pts RFG foregrip with VLTOR stock and at the moment I’m using a strike systems short dot scope on there internally there’s lots of Prometheus stuff in there but Prometheus 6.03 barrel with Purple bucking there’s a BTC Spectre trigger mosfet in there as well which is fully programable changed the connectors to xt60 connectors as well for better resistance so now you’ve seen my assault Loadout let’s move on to my sniper loadout okay so there we go you Bush transformation completed so where we gonna start right we’ll start with a base suit the base suit is a North Mountain Gear brown fall premium leafy suit something like that anyway it’s got a really long-winded name the original base suit had to have a little bit crafting done for it to suit my needs really when it came it’s quite grayish in color so why do is I purchased some dye called iDye poly and what you do is basically you boil it in like a big ghillie soup for a half an hour with this dye and it comes out all the grey bits are gone and it’s looking nice and brown the suit is very good quality it’s a very tough mesh I’ve had previous suits where the mesh will just rip instantly as soon as you capture it on a thorn or a bramble or something like that these it’s a very good quality very well made it comes in two parts you’ve got the trousers and you’ve got the top part the top part is the same quality mesh material if you can see that very good quality and breathable as well it has to be breathable because it’s -5 out there now but it feels like I’m in the Bahamas you have to craft these suits really to get the most out of them I mainly craft the arms and the shoulders here you can see these big leaves here these are called sneaky leaves and you can buy these from places like skirmshop they come in different types of colors greens Browns and tans and very good at creating volume on the suit also I’ve got this stuff here this is raffia and what do is I dye that as well i’ve got greens and browns and and that builds depth to your suit as well the rig that I use is a Viper Spec Ops chest Rig don’t know if you can make it out amongst all that it’s a very lightweight rig but I can store loads of stuff it I can store all my SRS mags in there I can store BB for days, speed loader mobile phone all sorts and I dont know if you spotted it my Mk23 is also holstered in there as well very secure it’s designed for carrying like 5.

56mm magazines meant for M4 mags what I’ve done is cut the bottom out one of those MK23 sits in there nicely and the retention elastic slips over the grip got a hydration pack on the back there which has been crafted and there’s quite a because you can blow that up as well to increase the volume it takes away from that humanoid shape me you’ve got also got bits of elastic on the back there so I can put natural vegetation I’ve got bits of elastic on my headpiece as well so you can just shove in natural vegetation depending on where the fields like that you play at moving on to my headgear this is another crafted piece of meshe of made up and believe it or not it’s actually stuck on the FAST helmet that I show you earlier the FMA fast helmet and it’s just a cover that I goes over the top of that now the reason I chose to put this over top of a fast helmet it’s because I love how comfortable this fast how it is and it’s a great base for my cameras as well because we’re gonna camera on the front I’m gonna run the power bank at the back and I can run the microphone and all the Cable’s everything I need on that helmet with no issues as well the face mask you know if you see in there the face mask is one that is onetigriss type face mask you know with a padded sides I and the very comfatable protects my teeth I’ve crafted it had it bits to it added this big beard bit to it as well so this covers my white neck area up the eye protection l use ESS advances with the hero shark mesh modded lenses on now I know a lot of guys out there don’t like mesh lenses but these mesh are tested it to a very high impact fps and they’re made in such a way that flat mesh so the BB kind of bounces off rather than the shatters on them like it does on a lot of the woven type Chinese mesh like I said I know a lot of guys don’t like them but most sniper guys in Europe do actually wear mesh goggles I’ve not had any problems myself and I’ve not heard of anybody else having any problems with his heroshark mesh lenses the gloves I use are again mechanics impact gloves these are the multicam versions but Ive sprayed them with a slide Brown krylon spray and you might see there on the sleeves I’ve tied a piece of elastic to sleeve so he goes over my thumb to stop stop the sleeves from rolling down and showing my wrists off it’s little things like that it can give you away and it’s the stuff I like that you learn there’s a great group on Facebook called sniper ops which I highly recommend that you join if you’re if you’re interested in building this sort of stuff and learn there’s many techniques of making this and then the techniques of the game really and um also there’s the master of ghillies himself Mr kicking Mustang highly recommend you check it out his work on Instagram Facebook and YouTube so you’ve just seen by my mk23 so lets have a closer look at it it’s totally stock internally this is the tokyo marui version not the ASG version still got all the tokyo marui hop rubber and barrel everything in there and a lot of people change that i for maple leaf stuff and any modification i have made to this is the hadron designs top dead center (TDC) it’ll now lift heavier BBS as well this will lift up the 0.

45s easy really with the easy adjustments with a hex key I’m running the silverback MK23 Suppressor it doesnt make it any quieter I just find this better build quality these things are so quiet they I’ve shot people with this and feet away and they still don’t know where the shot came from they’re that quiet another little tip I can offer on these is a lot of people lose the magazines out these MK23 so what I’ve done what a lot of people do is this is just an old bicycle inner tube just cut up and tape right the grip there and you do happen to knock the mag release there your mag is not gonna fall out of the bottom so let’s take a look at my main sniper rifle as you’ll know and most you know I use the silverback SRS the 16 inch version which is probably the best airsoft sniper rifle, infact it is the best airsoft sniper rifle out there at that moment they’re not cheap not cheap at all but build quality you get all of these is just second to none I’m actually using I keep swapping between the stock barrel and the PDI barrel in there that might be here’s the PDI barrel but the stock barrels it was good I’m using the new silverback airsoft 50 degree flat bucket in there and also i’ve installed the silverback fast hop unit which makes adjusting your hop up a lot easier I have the variable weight pistol in there with the air brake on there so it’s dead quiet this was firing about 2.

3j and it’s just whisper quiet it’s even quieter when it’s got BBs going through the barrel as well and like I say 2.3j if you say that with the bullpup design layout trouble cocking them sometimes but you see how simple that is minimal effort I run foregrip on the front I just find it in makes cocking it that much easier scrope I use is a vortex is the vortex Crossfire 2 2-7×32 crystal clear glass on them warranty is brilliant they’re not the cheapest of scopes for the warranty that comes with them is a lifetime warranty if it gets smashed by BB Vortex will repair it or replace it for you what more can you ask for well guys thanks very much for watching my airsoft loadout video I hope you found it interesting and what I’m going to do is I’m going to list all my kit on my bits and pieces in the description below to do which to sort of investigate any further into the stuff that I use if you’ve got any questions or comments you want to make please please ask them in the comments below and I will do my best to answer everything that I can and thanks again thanks for watching and I’ll see you the next one


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